I will not post anymore series since I'm no longer having any fun doing them anymore. Instead, I will announce the newest, freshest, most Huttiest clan ever. The Cult of Jabba. It is fairly new and is happy to accept new members. Jabba is our leader here and we must do what he says to keep us happy. Leading with him are his vice Hutt Wifes, Shrek and Wario. The Hutt King, Mike Wazowski rules alongside Jabba and we will do what we can to please all of our leaders. So join us, the Cult of Jabba, and we will take down anonymous and Illuminati together. Let us take control of the Anonymous headquarters and they will be turned into Hutts. We also offer free Frogs, Onions, and Trump Pizza, deported straight from Mexico. So join, and we will bring good comfort to Jabba and the clan.