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  • UniCandy


    November 29, 2013 by UniCandy

    Hello everypony! As you might know, my signature is bland and boring, and I want to make it 20% cooler. Does any pony know how?



    Hello again. XTalvy has made me a wonderful signature, but thanks so much to you all!


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  • UniCandy

    As a pony.....

    November 18, 2013 by UniCandy

    Hello everypony! I made this blog to express what the person below your comment would be as a pony. It could be anything from 'pegasus' to 'lives in Los Pegasus' to 'lawyer pony.' You get it. I'll start.

    As a pony, you would be a bearer of the element of honesty after the princesses find out that RD is more honest, and AJ is more loyal

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  • UniCandy

    My Season Four+ Wishlist

    October 28, 2013 by UniCandy
    • MORE RARITY! She needs much more screen time...
    • Less Derpy
    • More Octavia
    • Equestria History
    • Daring Do
    • Luna taking over Equestria
    • Mane 6 Parents
    • CMC (at least one) getting their cutie mark
    • places like Los Pegasus, Griffin Kingdom, etc
    • Starswirl backstory
    • More Equestria History
    • More interesting characters
    • a somewhat interesting/good villain
    • Starswirl being a villian
    • Cadance dying
    • Pinkie returning to her season 1/2 self
    • Lauren Faust coming back
    • more amazing songs
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  • UniCandy

    In my opinion, hopefully in yours too, Suited for Success is THE Best episode of MLP. No, in any generation of mlp. Heck, it's the best episode in Animated television since EVER. First, lets get to the minor reasons this episode is amazing.

    1. Fandom things. This is the first time we ever see Vinyl Scratch, whom many Bronies and Pegasisters love. Also, it's the first time Rainbow Dash says 20 percent cooler. There is so much junk that say 20 percent cooler on them.

    2. Opal. This is the first time we see her, and in this episode she does hilarious background gags such as hissing at the revised dresses.

    3. Art of the Dress. One of my favorite songs in television. And I watch singing competitions. Kazumi Evans sings like an ANGEL for god's sake…

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  • UniCandy

    This is for the Hurt Heal 2 Blog. It is an alliance, and is here to save Rarity, the most fabulous pony in Equestria!

    Leader- Me, UniCandy

    Vice Leader-


    • any past generation to do with rarity
    • Spikey Wikey of course

    • Octavia
    • Fluttershy
    • Princess Luna

    • Rainbow Dash
    • Applejack
    • Queen Chrystalis

    • Derpy
    • Lyra
    • Princess Cadence

    • The Rebellious Republic
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