Okay. Here ya go!

  • Celestia and Luna's backstory- who were their parents? Where are their parents? Maybe even their cutie marks. And on the hub, there was a commercial that said Princess Celestia had a cutie mark of the mane 6.
  • LESS ANNOYING PINKIE! Pinkie used to be my favorite character, but she is slowly progressing into a Patrick, aka an annoying unnessesary character
  • A little more Derpy- well we all want it...
  • Gryphon Kingdom. Maybe a return of Gilda, and/or Lightning Dust
  • Much, much more Rarity. All she did in season three was whine, complain, and make Sweetie belle carry her things. More of her fashionista side. You have a PRINCESS as a friend. USE her to sell products for the
  • Gala! WHen is the next one?
  • Equestria Games
  • Return of Crystalis and Nightmare Moon
  • Discord's rule of Equestria- what happened
  • Time before Luna got banished to the moon
  • Starswirl
  • more songs!

Feel free to comment more things!