In my opinion, hopefully in yours too, Suited for Success is THE Best episode of MLP. No, in any generation of mlp. Heck, it's the best episode in Animated television since EVER. First, lets get to the minor reasons this episode is amazing.

Minor Reasons

1. Fandom things. This is the first time we ever see Vinyl Scratch, whom many Bronies and Pegasisters love. Also, it's the first time Rainbow Dash says 20 percent cooler. There is so much junk that say 20 percent cooler on them.

2. Opal. This is the first time we see her, and in this episode she does hilarious background gags such as hissing at the revised dresses.

3. Art of the Dress.
Rarity's song Art of the Dress (with lyrics)04:12

Rarity's song Art of the Dress (with lyrics)

One of my favorite songs in television. And I watch singing competitions. Kazumi Evans sings like an ANGEL for god's sake! In this very song, we see the blood, sweat and tears going into the dresses. And the reprise as well. The line "Make sure it stays within our budget" obviously isn't coming from the ponies. It makes the candy colored ponies with tattoos on their butts transparent. It's coming from the crew of the show. This line teaches little girls about Real life!

major reasons

AppleJack and Rarity's conflict. It shows that they still have some tension in their bond, after Twi's sleepover.

Art of the dress

Will post more later