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    Character Vote

    January 19, 2012 by UnintentionalFan

    So, I have four characters who I am putting up for the possibility of being in my next fic. They are:

    • Scourge: A demonic and twisted pony who is determined to wreak havok everywhere he goes. He has a sickly green coat and a pale yellow mane with streaks of black. His cutie mark is an upside-down skull.
    • Nightfire: A cunning trickster. She has a nack for turning ponies against themselves. Her pelt is dark red, and her mane is jet black. Her cutie mark is a star wreathed in flames.
    • Deathstep: The embodiment of hatred. Death and disease is all that is ever left when he passes through. He is a solid grey pony, whose mane is a slightly darker shade of grey than the rest of him. His cutie mark is a headstone.
    • Sol: A wise, but very evil pony who puts …
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  • UnintentionalFan

    My FanFiction

    January 10, 2012 by UnintentionalFan

    So, I am creating a thriller/horror fanfiction about the last day in a magic calendar (reference to 12/21/12, the last day of the Mayan calander). This day is only a few days away when Twilight discovers the book, and close to that time, everypony dissapears and the main cast presumably starts dying in a number of freak accidents. If anyone wants to help edit/review my fanfic, please send me your email address so I can email what I have to you. I would ask anyone who participates not to give out any spoilers (that includes posting my ork as your own!) and please do not be afraid to tell me what you think. Don't go psycho on my if you hate it, but don't be scared to tell me "hey, this has GOT to change".

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