So, I have four characters who I am putting up for the possibility of being in my next fic. They are:

  • Scourge: A demonic and twisted pony who is determined to wreak havok everywhere he goes. He has a sickly green coat and a pale yellow mane with streaks of black. His cutie mark is an upside-down skull.
  • Nightfire: A cunning trickster. She has a nack for turning ponies against themselves. Her pelt is dark red, and her mane is jet black. Her cutie mark is a star wreathed in flames.
  • Deathstep: The embodiment of hatred. Death and disease is all that is ever left when he passes through. He is a solid grey pony, whose mane is a slightly darker shade of grey than the rest of him. His cutie mark is a headstone.
  • Sol: A wise, but very evil pony who puts on the face of a hero, but then uses his powers to turn everypont into his puppets. He does not have a cutie mark for story related reasons.

Nightfire has won the vote! The score was:

Nightfire - 15

Sol - 9

Scourge - 7

Deathstep - 2

Thank you everypony for voting!