Yes I am seriously doing this. I think it's approriate since I'm always asking your opnion. Now you get to ask me things. Anyway ask away.

Also, an Update

For those not reading the Nameless War, this will not affect you so you can skip this and just ask your question. If you are I highly recommened you read this. So, yeah as I said writing this has taken a toll on sleep and stuff. Recently I've come down with a cold and have been absolutely miserable. Also, today I learned that my chapter 5 file had corrupted for some unknown reason (Unknown, oh the irony). I had almost finished it and was planning on releasing it tomorrow. I still want to release it tomorrow, but let's be real here. I can't rewrite an entire chapter in one night, so it may be out a day late, sorry about that. Also the new offcial release dates for chapters will be every Monday. So yeah no more out of the blue release dates (Ha, Blue). 

UP, out.