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Well it seems I can't keep up with my schedule at all recently so I will be doing a temporary hiatus on these blogs, don't worry Flutter-on they will be back. Anyways, I decided not to tell you what this one is 

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about since this is a huge question for everyone. Ok, so people have tried to crack this code for months upon months to no avail. What is Equestria's History. How was Equestria created or how did the Celestial sisters become alicorns? Who the hay is Starswirl the Bearded? So many unanswered or maybe never answered questions. I'm going to tell you a story and when I get to the end, stop. I have no idea how Equestria was created, too many different alternate realities and headcannons to count. BUT, I do have some idea on how all this confusing stuff all works out. Basically it goes like this. In Heart Warming Eve (yes I'm starting here not at the pilot since this

talks about an earlier event) we are told there was a time before Celestia and Luna, where there were three tribes, Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasi. They constantly had to trade as the Earth ponies farmed for everyone and in return the Unicorns rose the sun and moon and the pegasi controlled the weather. So they had a creul winter and things turned sour, they went to explore new lands blah blah blah mist horses. Anyway this gives an idea how Equestria was united and how it was founded. Also, now is the time for the next era, we will call that ear the The Era of the Three Tribes. Anyway then comes along Discord, still before Tia and Lulu and basically destroys stuff using chaos, you all know this already. So how long did he rule? My headcannon is that he ruled for roughly two decades since then Lulu and Tia could grow up, find the Elements of Harmony (I'll get to those later) and dethrone Discord, snarring him in stone. So we will call 

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that short era the Chaotic Rule. Now here our history is a lot better. So I would say Tia and Luna ruled together for 30 years before Luna rebelled and turn evil and stuff. There are actually a couple of eras in the princess's r ule, The Celestial Diarchy, The Lunar Rebellion (sounds a bit like Lunar Republic), the Celestia Monoarchy, where Celestia rules alone, Luna's return, after banishment, and now the Celestial Quadarchy, where we no w have Alicorn Princess Cadance and Twilight. Ok ok we are not going to talk about Starswirl you guys can help me out there in the comment below. Still, here's my headcannon on the Elements of Harmony. Basically the Elements were created after the Union of the Three Tribes, they each were created using the essence of different ponies, from every tribe, only fortifying the whole harmony thing. There power could be tapped into by joining together, in harmony and banishing any foe who stands against you. As Pinkie Pie would say, "and that's how Equestria was made", If you guys want you can send me your own ideas and/or headcannons about the subject in the comment section be-low and happy writing your long headcannon just like I did. 

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