Well Then...

You know how there was a chance I was going to be leaving a couple months ago, but I stayed after I fixed everything. Well for all those who were expecting the next chapter to the Nameless War, you will be dissapointed. This is a temporary farewell instead. I have been thinking about this for pretty much the entire month of May. I've been thinking about what I'm doing and my behavior on chat. I've made many poor decisions about how I act and what I'm doing. So I will be taking a couple month break from chat, to get my behavior together. Also I will be stopping the Nameless War. Not forever, but for a little while. I just need a break from writing and this wiki all together. Now if you are thinking that I am leaving forever, I'm not. I will be on til Friday and then I will be leaving and coming back in a few months. Until then, stay friendly (ts)~

 UnknownProdigyOoYA0kr.gif 19:11, May 28, 2014 (UTC)