Main Objective

Well I guess Candle will like this one. Ok this faction is here to heal Discord and to make sure ponies like AJ and Fluttershy Do not win in Candle's Hurt/Heal Blog This also may be a way for ex-Lunar Republic members (like myself) get realigned and kicking again. Anyway simple enough? This time I'll get it right.


UnknownProdigy- President


Mango Dolphin


How to Join

Just like any other faction, write in the comments if you want in.

Update Board

Update 1: I really did not see this one coming, the Lunar Republic has been derailed by the Solars after almost a month of fighting, hopefully now we can focus on other ponies such as AJ and FS.

Update 2: War has been declared! Celestia will fall to her knees fight hard, nothing will stop us!

Update 3: We are now allied with Ceelstia if you don't like that you are always free to leave I will understand if you do. So keep Celestia alive, also RD is off the table

Update 4: Discord is down to below 30 health, heal with all your might, we can't let him fall.

Update 5: Well that's all folks, we kept Discord alive in the most ramshackle way possible, but we did it. So grats to everyone who helped me.

-UP aka the Jolteon, out