This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actually blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 11

(Twilight Sparkle’s POV)

(Seven months have passed since the Solars and Lunars have united)

I’ve lived in this town for so long. It used to be such a peaceful place, the closest thing to violence was the occasional argument. Everyone lived in Ponyville together and harmonically. After all the very bearers of the Elements of Harmony lived in the town. Now as I walk through the ruins of the the town square I wonder how this sort of thing could happen. Very few ponies know what actually happened at the beginning of this bloody power struggle, but one thing is for sure, many have died. The casualty count now soars into the thousands and many more are being added to that count, the more the Celestial Alliance battles the Rebels. For now they have left myself and my followers alone, but that all changed yesterday.

We were all just sitting around, playing cards. There was never that much excitement here on the north side of town, most of the fighting was to the South and West of our current location. I walk away from the card table, I just need some time to think. I walk out of the camp, think to myself. ‘How could we be such cowards? How can we just let them fight their war and just let it all blow over?’ I wonder.

Many leaders have died in this war. Flash Sentry, Snips and Snails, Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, Bon Bon, Ditzy, and Diamond Tiara and her friend Silver Spoon. Why were young ponies involved? Why? In this battle no one is safe. Some of those brave ponies run out with medical kits giving them to some of the leaders. Sometimes my soldiers do the same thing, sending some out about every 24 hours or so. Sometimes a little filly walks up to me and gives me one. I can’t believe his bravery, and as he runs off I wonder if he will ever make it back to where he came from.

I wonder how Rainbow, Rarity, and Applejack are doing. Instead of hiding and waiting, they are right there at the front lines. I can see Rainbow Dash and AJ being like that, but Rarity? She hates getting dirty, how can she stomach the thought of walking through other ponies blood and over their dead bodies. Fluttershy and Pinkie decided to do the same thing I have done, hide and wait. We decided to stay in alliance, not attacking each others armies. We know that if this war continues, the alliance will have to be broken.

I can’t worry about that now though, I am about to head back when I hear a siren going off. Soon, I realize that it’s the alarm siren that we had installed at the makeshift wall the rims our encampment. The guards were only to sound the alarm if we were being attacked. I quickly gallop back to camp, I must be there to fight off this threat. I quickly pull the pump-action shotgun I had picked up off of some dead body from my back, and quickly load five slugs inside and pump it. No one tries to get on my bad side, these slugs tear ponies up pretty bad.

When I reach the main tent, I see the terrified looks on my troops faces. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “Come on hurry up and get ready, we have to fight off whoever is attacking us.”

Even when I issue the order none of them move, a look of hopelessness across all of their faces. Then one pony speaks up. “It’s the Celestial Alliance, they’ve come to kill us all.” He whispers. “There is no hope for us.”

Outraged I say: “How can you just let them kill you without even trying to fight back? If we die we are going to take as many of them down with us. Now hurry up and get ready. It’s final stand time.”

The guards on sentry duty never come back, they must have been killed but Celestial sharpshooters. We run into an abandon building that had held up pretty well. We quickly board up the windows and take up a defensive position near the door. I could see the fear in their eyes as the waited for the Celestials to start ramming down the door. We waited and waited, for what seemed like hours. Until we heard it, the ponies that we had left to slow down the Celestials outside. Then we heard shouting and one pony whimpering. I put my ear next to the door to hear what was going on outside. I heard a gravelly voice yelling. “Where have they gone? Where has Twilight Sparkle gone?” The voice demanded. “Where is that coward hiding? Tell me or I will make your death long and painful.”

I hear a shot go off and the poor pony screams in pain. “Now you are going to tell me where they are if you want to keep your other leg.”

I quickly remove my ear from the door, whoever is torturing that poor soul, is a pony who I do not want to meet. I head back to the door when I hear another gunshot and yet another scream. “Are you really that stupid?” The voice says. “Do you want to walk again?”

Then I hear the pony whimper. “They are in the building over there. Please stop hurting me.” The pony pleads.

I hear the voice snicker. “Thank you, your cooperation has been much obliged.” The voice says. “You know I can make the pain go away.”

I hear the gun go off once more and the pony’s whimpering stops. He killed him. I then hear the sound of hoofsteps coming closer. “The pony said they were in this building?” A female voice says. The pony’s voice sounds cracked, as if she has been through some hard times.

“Yes.” The voice replies. “It also seems as if they have boarded up the windows.”

“Unknown why did you have torture that poor pony?” The mare asks. “Then you killed him when he told you what you wanted to know. How could you be so cruel?”

“Cruel?” The pony called Unknown challenges back. “I’m not the one that massacred 45 ponies a month ago. They weren’t even doing anything, they were just trying to get out of the line of fire.”

Another voice intervenes. “You two stop fighting.” Another mare’s voice intervenes. “We have more important things to do besides bickering. We need to find a way through.”

“A way through?” Unknown replies. “That’s easy, EpicLuna. I just have to pick the lock.”

As he says that I quickly remove my head from the door. I start to hear creaking and rattling coming from the lock in the door. Soon I hear an unlocking noise and I know that we are done for. I signal with my tail for my soldiers to get ready. They all raises their weapons and guns. Only the unicorns can use the guns as earth and pegasus can’t pull the triggers after all. The instead use knives, bats, and other weapons. “Get the riot shields ready.” EpicLuna says. “We have no idea if they are going to ambush us if we just walk in without protection.”

I curse under my breath. Damn, this pony is smart. Soon the door swings open and ponies levitating shields in front of them burst from the door. Bullets ricochet off of the shields as they slowly advance to the front of our ranks. Soon our gunners see that shooting is pointless and draw their other weapons and charge. The meet the shield wielding ponies and it’s on. The Celestials drop their shields and meet my soldiers in the middle of the room. I hear the clank of metal on metal and the occasional gun shot ringing through the room. I levitate my shotgun in front of me and squeeze the trigger. A loud explosion sound sounds from the beast of a gun and I see a pony take the slug right to the chest. He falls to the ground, dead. A cry goes up. “Shotgunner, get behind cover.”

I roll behind what must have been the kitchen counter. I now realize we are playing a deadly game of hide-and-seek. Whoever pokes their head out at the wrong moment is going to get shot. Then the second wave hits. Hundreds upon hundreds stream through the door. Soon those who were fighting with the first wave of Celestials are overrun and killed. They didn’t even stand a chance. I quickly shot up from behind my cover and fire a slug into the maelstrom. I’m not sure if I have killed a Celestial or one of my own, only that I have killed somepony. I quickly pump back the action and fire again, taking another pony down. Then somepony yells out. “There she is. It’s Twilight.”

I know that I am done for now that I have been spotted. My army makes one last charge. They are quickly met by three other ponies. One green, one light blue, and one dark blue. The mint green pony has two flintlocks hanging at his side, while the light blue one is calmly firing arrow after arrow from a bow. The last is carrying two knives that are both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. They are curved, long, and are barbed. They hack and slash through our ranks, like a well-oiled machine of war. The light blue one has slung her bow and now is fighting with two knives, less terrifying than her companions. Soon my entire army lay dead at their feet. They all look at me, the two blue ponies having an insane look in their eyes. I hear the light blue one yell out. “There she is! Kill her and every last one of her soldiers!” She laughs hysterically and I can tell that she is enjoying this. Then a dark green pony erupts from the ground heading straight at me. Before I can react he drives two knives deep in my chest. As he pulls them out I fall to the ground. ‘No...I can’t die like this.’ I think. ‘My friends need me….I can’t….let them down...I can’t leave them to die...I can’t…..’

My vision is blacking out, my breath comes quick and shallow. I know there will be no tomorrow. ‘I just wish that I could have told my friends….goodbye….’

End Chapter 11


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