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Well how long has it been, almost a month? Yes I know, I know, I haven't been publishing chapters at all as of late, but I've been a bit busy and stuff. Also it seems my creative spark has faded a bit, but I don't think it's going to be a major problem. Happy reading.


This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 13

(Candle’s POV)

(Four months have passed, the Rebels have all but been eliminated and no longer pose a threat, meanwhile King Sombra, Lyra, Doctor Whooves, and Cheerilee have all be trampled over by the non-aligned. Tensions rise in the Celestial’s camp. The Lunars are thinking about leaving. Grovyle also agrees with the Lunars as well as most of the other Solars, Ninpundists, and Swarm members. Candle is not yet well enough to fight, but he still is the leader of the Solars and commands them with an iron fist. He orders a conference with Ugly and Grovyle…)

I walk pace my tent stiffly, my leg brace restricting my movement. I hate that I have let the person who dealt me this injury into our base camp, and let her learn our secrets. Now, it seems as if she has gone clinically insane. I have tried to warn EpicLuna about her recent outbursts, but she either is blind or does not care about her own well being. I fear if she let’s Blue stay by her side, she will have an arrow in her back before the end of the year. Eleven months have passed, and the death toll has still not been counted. The battlefield is clogged with dead bodies, too many to bury. Those who have been buried aren’t buried well enough, and when rain falls their bodies reappear as the rain washes away their shallow graves.

And on some of those bodies you will see a jagged hole in their necks. The trademark kill for the Prodigy of Death. I see him now, sharpening his blades. Recently I have noticed that he isn’t as enthusiastic at going into battle. He used to jump at the chance to fight, but now he just looks like he struggles to bear it. Then he turns towards me and I catch his gaze. The insane glint in his eye that has always been there is gone. Now it is replaced by something even worse: sorrow. He always looks tired and worn down recently. It’s as if something has sucked the life right out of him. I constantly hear screams of terror and anguish coming from Unknown’s tent, the result of terrifying nightmares.

His gaze drops back to his knives, as he methodically sharpens them. I know that he will still use those knives against me in the end. He does have to keep his record perfect after all. ‘You harbor two insane ponies,’ I think to myself, 'How can I be so foolish?’

Before I can think about it any farther, I see UglyTurtle and Grorvyle approaching. I did not invite ComputerPony to this meeting as I am still not completely sure I can trust her and Chrysalis. “Ah greetings Candle,” Ugly says, “Are we here to talk about our current situation? I fear that tensions have been high between the two groups. I believe it would be best that we leave each other peacefully. Maybe we could keep the peace treaty intact.”

I hear Grovyle scoff. “Peacefully? That’s a laugh. You preach about peace yet your followers are more bloodthirsty than any of us.”

I see Ugly flinch. Grovyle’s words are true, the Ninpundists were getting restless. They have not seen a battle in over a month. Though that’s not my main problem. The most troubling thing is the dark shadow that stalks my dreams. The black dove, the UnknownProdigy. Ever since he threatened my at the beginning of this war I’ve been looking over my shoulder, fearing that his knives will end up in my back if I didn’t watch carefully. For seven months he’s tortured me. Part of me just wishes that he would get it over with it and kill me. Living with a shadow like that over your head can be quite stressful. “Candle?” I hear Grovyle ask, “You still there?”

I shake my head to clear my thoughts. Now is not a time to worry about such things. I have entire army to run. The stress I have to bear would be enough to drive anypony insane. “We have to separate from the Lunars,” Grovyle states, “If we don’t we’ll end up getting killed in our sleep. This isn’t some game, we can’t flirt with death like you can in games. This is real and I think it’s high time we got out of here.”

“A game you say?” I ask, “What kind of game?”

“I don’t know, some sort of strategy game.”

“A strategy game, huh?” I ask, “If I were to make such a game, I would make it so I could let the whole world see it. Post it on some kind of service that allows me to share information with the world. I would have people play this game, voting every 24 hours on whether or not a pony needs to die or needs to live.”

The look on Grovyle and Ugly’s faces share the same expression: confusion. “What kind of insane idea is that?” UglyTurtle asked, “What sane pony would play such a game?”

I shrug. “I have no idea, but if I devised such a game I would call it,” I pause, “Hurt/Heal.”

“I underestimated you Candle,” Ugly says, “You are more crazy than I had first inferred.”

“Hey come on. We’re all mad here.” I say.

“Enough of this,” Grovyle cuts in, “We do not have the time to mess around. We need to decide what to do. Candle what do you think? Should we separate or stay?”

The question Grovyle asked is liking answering the basic fundamentals of the universe. I just can’t answer it in ten words or less. On one hoof I would be away from Prodigy and the constant threat he brings with him. Also the Lunars are less disciplined and trained as the Solars and the Swarm. If we separated and then declared war, we may be able to crush them. One the other hoof though, the Lunars are more numerous than ourselves. If they got the proper training they may turn into a superpower that no one can stop. Also we would be twice as strong if remained allies instead of enemies. And after the peace is broken war will be imminent. War is something that must be avoided at all costs. Many will die if the battle between the Celestial Sisters rages. I fear that some of those who die may not have been on either side, but just got caught in the crossfire. I turn to Grovyle, “I don’t know.”

“You...don’t...know!?” he shouts, “What kind of leader are you? You can’t even make decisions. You are the most spineless pony I have ever met. You want to know what I think? I say that we separate from these lunatics. I say that we should declare war on them again by the first of the coming month. I’m tired of all this peace talk. This is war not some tea party. We talked about peace and harmony back in peacetime and look at where it got us.”

After he finishes speaking, Grovyle storms off. Ugly turns to look at me, “Well that meeting was quick,” He observes, “By the way do you have any idea where Princess Celestia is. She would want to hear about this.”

“I have no idea Ugly. I obviously have no clue what is going on in my own army. Why don’t you go ask Grovyle and see if he knows?” I ask, “He obviously knows everything about anything. While you’re at it go ask him how HE thinks I should run this army. Since obviously I’m not cut out for the role. If he’s so smart why doesn’t he lead it, huh?”

“Now Candle. Don’t let him get to you,” Ugly says, “He’s just frustrated that’s all. We all are.”

“Don’t you lecture me Ugly!” I snap, “I don’t want to hear your nonsense about peace and love. You are such a hypocrite, you are leader of an army. So I don’t want to hear it.”

Before I can leave I hear Ugly ask one more question: “So what is your decision, Candle? Do we separate or stay?”

I turn around to meet Ugly’s gaze. “We leave,” I say, “We leave tonight under the cover of darkness. I will announce our declaration of war in the morning.”

“Are you absolutely positive?” Ugly inquires, “You have time to think about this.”

“No Ugly, I decide now,” I say, “Go rally the troops. We march at midnight.”

Ugly hurries off and as I turn around to follow him my gaze falls upon the pony of my nightmares, UnknownProdigy. The look on his face says it all; he had heard everything.

End Chapter 13


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