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This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 14

(Candle’s POV)

We wait and wait. We wait for Celestia to lower the sun and for Luna to raise it. Then we wait some more. It feels like an eternity before we finally decide that the time is right for us to leave. We had been planning our escapade the entire day, and even after all the planning I feared we might not be able to complete this daunting task. I did not fear that EpicLuna or Bluelighting were on to us. No, the pony I feared would stop us was far worse. I knew that Unknown had heard our entire conversation. He had a knack for staying in the shadows, not letting anypony know he was there. He was far more dangerous than Blue despite her superior combat abilities. At least Blue had some sense of what was right and wrong. Prodigy appeared to have no sense of moral. He was ruthless, bloodthirsty, and cold. He could sink the entire mission, and have us killed for treason. Maybe that’s why Bluelighting calls him the Black Dove. It is too late for me to second guess our obviously flawed plan. We are steadily approaching the makeshift wall that surrounds the camp. We must trek slowly as not to wake any of the Lunars. Though that is not what I fear. As always there is a guard at the entrance at all times of the day. The only way to pass through is to kill the guard and quickly flee the camp.

As we approach the wall I see who the guard is, and stone cold dread spreads through by body. The guard is the UnknownProdigy. ‘Dammit, of course he had to be the guard,’ I think to myself, ‘Knowing him he’s already seen us.’

My prediction is validated a short time later when Unknown quickly jumps down from his post and plants himself right in front of our group. “Halt,” He says, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Before I can answer Groyvle walks forward. He walks right up to Prodigy and stops a few feet in front of him. Then he may say one of the most gutsy things I have ever heard: “You might want to step aside, Prodigy,” He challenges, “Or do you want to lose your other eye?”

Prodigy wastes no time. He draws one of his knives and slams the end of it into Grovyle’s face. Grovyle crumples to the ground, blood streaming from his nose. Before he can rise to retaliate, Prodigy has drawn his revolver and has it pointed at Grovyle’s skull. “Get up and I’ll blow your brains out,” He pulls the hammer back, “Come on give me a reason.”

Grovyle looks up at the gun barrel hovering above his head; almost as if he’s contemplating ignoring Prodigy’s orders and attacking anyway. He seems to decide otherwise and stays put. “Well,” Prodigy says, “Now, since that’s done. Let’s talk.”

It seems Prodigy’s version of a peaceful meeting is a lot different than mine, as he had his gun pointed at me the entire time we talked. “So,” he begins, “You tried to escape? Well look how that turned out. You guys couldn’t escape an unlocked room if you tried. Anyway I’m not here to gloat or call you stupid or anything like that. I’m here to arrange a deal.” “What kind of deal?” I ask. “A deal that may just save your sorry asses.” he says, “Now as I see it, you’re running away from the Lunars because you’re all scared. True, they are numerous and almost outnumber you three to one. Still that’s not the point. You run away with your tails in between your legs, but in reality you shouldn’t be intimidated by them.” “What do you mean?” Grovyle asks. “Well you see the Lunars rely on strength in numbers. They know that so long as their numbers flourish they can defeat any enemy they may encounter. About eighty percent of their army are poorly trained, very afraid ponies that fear the idea of fighting other ponies to the death, but if you put that pony in a group of ten or twenty they are no longer afraid. His confidence swells as he knows that he has other ponies to back him up. Now what happens if they meet a fighting force that doesn’t rely on numbers.” He levitates a stick off the ground and pulls out a lighter, “Now let’s say that this lighter is you, the Solars.” He lights the flame, “And let’s say this stick is the Lunars. You are more disciplined and trained thanks to Candle, but your number are smaller. The Lunars are ragtag and poorly trained, but their numbers are many. Now by my calculation in almost any circumstance quality beats quantity. How I see it one Light Cavalry can take down ten or more Soldiers of Darkness. As there are only 5,000 Solars, Swarm, and Ninpundist, and 15,000 Lunars, the math is simple. The Solars would absolutely destroy the Lunars in any battle. Thus…” He lights the stick on fire slowly burning it to ashes, “The Republic falls and burns to the ground. The Solars reign victorious.”

So what you’re trying to say is that we can take down the Lunars no matter what?” Celestia asks, “That we shouldn’t fear them?”

“Well, yes and no,” Prodigy answers, “See the Lunars have a weapon that is far greater than any you will ever meet.”

“And what exactly is this weapon?” Grovyle asks. “Hope,”

“Hope!?” I exclaim, “How can hope be used as a weapon?”

“Oh, come on now Candle, you know very well that hope is the thing that keeps us going.” Prodigy says, “Look at yourself. The sole remaining Candlekeeper. You’re family and friends killed. You are the epitome of hope. You just haven’t quite seen that yet. You are a lone spirit, you feel alone in the world with no to turn to. You feel like you will never be truly happy again,” He glares at UglyTurtle, then continues speaking, “But enough of that. Hope is very, very powerful. It is the only thing that can conquer fear. Have you ever been in a dark tunnel desperately trying to find the light. Then after hours of walking you see a faint light at the end of the tunnel. That is hope. The darkness is fear. If you succumb to the darkness you are lost,”

I hear Grovyle snort. “Says the UnknownProdigy, bringer of fear and death. Why are you helping us anyway? Aren’t you an ally to the Lunars?”

“Why am I doing this?” Prodigy echoes, “Because I think the Lunars are power hungry brutes. I can see what will happen if the Lunars manage to defeat you, and believe me it is not happy sunshine and rainbows. Imagine a world plunged into eternal darkness, anarchy runs rampant. A world dominated by fear. You don’t want that do you, Grovyle?”

Grovyle quickly shakes his head. “Good, now I have been secretly working against the Lunars for months. I have learned all their secrets, all their strategies, everything. I have been secretly heading out and recruiting ponies to join my secret cause. So far I have managed to recruit a hundred or so, but I will soon acquire more soldiers. I will cause unrest in the Lunar ranks and make the Republic rot away at the core. I call this movement, the Unknown Alliance.”

“You named it after yourself,” Celestia says, “I knew that you were vain.”

“For your information Princess Sunbutt. I did not name it after myself,” He says, “The alliance is unknown at the moment. Our cause unknown, hence the name. That’s not important though. Candle, I will need your support. We have a common enemy and if we unite we will be stronger. What do you say?”

He extends his hoof towards me. “Don’t do it Candle,” Grovyle whispers in my ear, “You can’t trust this swine.”

“Well?” Unknown asks, “What will it be? If you accept I will let you leave the camp and do whatever you please. If you don’t no harm will be done to you. I will let you pass, but let it be know that you have lost a valuable ally with knowledge about your greatest enemy.”

“Give me a minute.” I say.

I pace back and forth running through the pros and cons in my mind. On one hoof Prodigy is incredible powerful and dangerous. On the other hoof he’s unpredictable. On the other other hoof….

After about fifteen minutes I finally decide. I walk back up to Prodigy. “I accept your offer, but I must request one thing.”

“State your request,”

“This alliance may never be revealed. Not during the war, not after. This must stay a secret. If anypony finds out we worked behind the Lunars back you will be hung for treason against your cause.” Prodigy gives a slight nod. “I already understand the risks. I am willing to gamble my life to bring down Luna. If we are ever caught, I will take all the blame. That’s a promise. Now go quickly, before Luna wakes to lower the moon.”

“What about you?” I ask, “They will blame you for letting us escape. You will be punished severely.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine,” he reassures me, “Now leave.”

I start to trot away when I hear Prodigy say, “Oh and Candle.”

I turn around to hear what he has to say. He raises his right foreleg in salute, “Godspeed, comrade,”

That’s all he says.

The moon has set and Celestia has started to raise the sun by the time we talk again. We are miles away from the Lunar camp now. The camp just a speck on the horizon. The first pony to speak is Celestia. She says what is already I’m already thinking about. “Are you sure we can trust him?” She asks, “Afterall, he has double-crossed ponies before. What’s to stop him from doing it again?”

“Celestia, I don’t know if we can ever fully trust Prodigy. What I do know is that we need his help to defeat the Lunars,” I answer, “That Prodigy is a mystery wrapped in an enigma I’ll say. He can switch from hostile to friendly at the drop of the hat. Which makes me wonder. Is he truly our friend? Or is he a foe?”

End Chapter 14


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