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This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 15

(Unknown’s POV)

If you betray your country it’s called treason. If you betray your spouse it’s called adultery. If you betray your religion it’s called sacrilege. What do you call betraying yourself? That thought is burned in my mind while I watch the Solars walk away from the camp. I let them go without a fight. What have I turned into? ‘How about a morally correct pony?’ I hear an all too familiar voice say.

‘Whatever, Sea.’ I answer back, ‘I still feel like the same empty pony as I did before I let them go.’

‘I’ve already told you that these things take time Prodigy,’ he answers, ‘You need to be patient if you are ever going to redeem yourself. We still have plans for you.’

‘What kind of plans?!’ I lash back, ‘To use me as some sort of pawn? To do all your dirty work? You think I want to play your stupid game? Well, if that’s the case then I’m done with this.’

“Prodigy,” Sea says, this time his voice is no longer in my head. I turn and see his ghostly outline standing to my right. The color in his wings tapering to white at the tips. He literally glows with heavenly light. “You are more than a pawn to the angels. You know that. You may be one of the most important ponies of all time. You know that also don’t you?”

I take a deep breath. I do know what he is talk about. I learned about it years ago. “Yes Sea I do,” I answer, “I know that I’m the Keeper of Darkness.”

“Ah, good, but do you know that the other Keeper just walked out that camp entrance?”

“What!?” I exclaim, “The Keeper of Light? Who is it? Who?”

“Are you blind?” Sea asks, “Who do you think?”

Then it hits me like a sack of bricks. I DO know who the other Keeper is. I should have seen the signs earlier. How could I have not. The pony I have been trying to track down for years. The one that got away from me. The bringer of hope; Candlekeeper. “From the look on your face I can tell that you remembered. It’s a good thing that you didn’t hit him with that sniper’s bullet back at the Rift. If you had killed him the ancient war would have been renewed and the entire world would be bathed in blood and ashes.”

Sea says, “Now you have about forty-five minutes before the Lunars wake. I would think of some sort of excuse for letting them just walk out of the camp unchallenged. May Celestia help your soul.”

With that he disappears into a shower of sparks leaving me to my own thoughts. My mind drifts back to my earlier years. It was soon after my parents’ deaths. I had been taken a Mythology class that year at the school in Grieta. I had lost interest in most classes after the tragic fire. But for this one lesson the lesson we were being taught sparked something deep in the back of my mind. The lesson: The Keepers of Darkness and Light. Myths say that in the beginning two beings were granted infinite power over light and darkness. Soon after they were granted this power they soon began to argue. After some time they became impatient with each other and declared war on each other. The fight lasted thousands of years, as the Keepers were immortal, except for in battle. Eventually in a battle that many ponies died the Keeper of Light struck down the Darkness. It had seemed that light had prevailed over darkness forever.

Little did the Keeper of Light know that in his dying moments the Keeper of Darkness passed his gift on to another saying that it would continue to pass on to another pony at the moment of their successors death. After many years the new Keeper of the Dark rose up and led a siege on the Army of Light. He would win the battle and brutally murdered the Keeper of Light. After this the Keeper of Darkness, who had been driven insane by the voices he heard in his head, led a path of terror across the world. Once again the dying Keeper passed on her gift to another and the chain would continue after the deaths of the Keepers of Light. Many Keepers died in the what seemed to be an eternal struggle. After many, many battles the Keepers met together and finally decided peace would be good for all. Since their agreement the Keepers now live in peace. They still are immortal only being able to die in battle. It is also said that if they Keepers fight again, it will be the end of days and the world will burn.

After the teacher finished speaking, I heard a snapping sound in my mind and the room turned dark. It was as if someone had cut the power suddenly. The problem? No one had flipped the breaker. No one had hit the lights, and no storms were in the area. It is unexplained to this day, but I knew immediately what had happened.

They dismissed early as they could not turn the lights back on. I rushed back to my aunt’s house. She was out, so I had the place to myself. I turned off the all the lights and then found a lone candle, struck a match, and lit it. I concentrated for what seemed like an hour until… the flame stopped. There was no smoke it was just as if it had shut off by itself. OR I had made it. I was terrified by discovery and tried to ignore it for as long as I could. That’s when the voices started, whispering tantalizing things in my ears.

I tried my hardest to resist the temptations, the terrible things they whispered. I held out for as long as I could. During that time I tried to collect as much information about the Keepers as I could. I found much that I already knew from the lesson, but I found out some new information as well. The names of significant Keepers throughout history, the true extent of their power, and what kind of magic they can perform. It says the Keepers can tap into their respective power source, light and darkness. If they train enough they can use this power to ascend into a temporary state of extreme power. It is said that the entity they turn into is truly terrifying to behold.

After months of finding nothing more new and the voices in my head becoming more audible by the day. I considered suicide to stop the voices. I tried only once. I took a kitchen knife and tried to slash my wrists. The cuts I made healed in seconds. I tried again and again. Nothing. I later would read that a Keeper cannot take their own life.

With no escape I soon descended into madness, but not before reading one last piece of information before stopping and joining the village guard. It said: “A Keeper is said to hear voices inside his/her head. The voices the Keeper of Light hears are melodic and beautiful. They are the voices of the saved, the angels. The voices heard by a Keeper of the Dark are cries of anguish, pain, and terror. It is said some whisper tantalizing sinful acts in the their ear. These are the voices of the damned, the souls confined to the fiery pit below.”

I snap back to reality when I realize that the sky is bruising in the east. The sun will rise soon. With the sun so will the Lunars. I must act quickly. I look around at my surroundings to see if there is anything I can use. My eye lands on the medical tent, is should contain just what I need. I rush to it and quickly peek inside. Many injured and sick ponies lie on cots. Some moan in pain. Hopefully they stay asleep just for a while longer.

I rush up to a cabinet containing medical supplies. I slowly open the door praying that someone has oiled the hinges recently. Luckily, it doesn’t creak and I get a look inside. I quickly sift through the bottle trying to find what I need. Eventually I find a bottle labeled “Ether”. I quickly snatch the bottle and grab a rag. I pour some of the ether over the rag and replace the bottle, shut the door, and rush back to the camp walls. I can see the top of the sun just over the horizon. I lift the soaked rag up to my muzzle and take a deep breathe. The world spins and I fall. Then the world goes black as I fall into a deep sleep.

“...maybe if I shoot him in the leg he’ll wake up.” says a distorted voice, “Can I?”

“BLUE!.” I hear yet another voice shout. “What?” Blue replies innocently, “I can’t wake him up. Come on just one little arrow?”

“Blue this is serious. What if he doesn’t wake up?” I hear the other voice say, I know now that it belongs to EpicLuna.

I open my eye just a slit and see multiple colored shapes standing over me. I open my eyes the rest of the way and the shapes become ponies. Blue and Epic are the closest to me. Epic’s face shows true concern, but Blue just wears a sneer. Typical. “Ugggh….” I grunt, “My head…”

“He’s awake.” One of the Lunars in the crowd shouts.

“Yeah I can see that!” Blue snaps back, then half to herself, “Why was he asleep on guard duty in the first place?”

I decide to play dumb. “Well I was just standing guard at the front gate. Everything was fine until somepony tackles me from behind. Before I can cry for help he shoves that rag in my face,” I flick my tail at the rag, “Then I got really nauseous and passed out. That’s all I remember, honest.”

Blue and Epic seem to ponder this for awhile until Blue shouts. “LIAR!” She rushes forward and throws me to the ground. I’m still woozy from the sickness so I find it hard to rise to my knees. I look up and see Blue has drawn her bow and is ready to lodge and arrow into my skull. “You let the Solars go,” Blue accuses, “You let them walk out, didn’t you?”

“N-no, I’m telling the truth,” I stammer out, “I was attacked. They must have escaped while I was gone.”

Epic walks forward and sets a hoof on the tip of Blue’s arrow. She slowly pushes the tip of the arrow at the ground. “Now Blue there’s no need to go around shooting people to prove a point. I believe Prodigy’s story wholeheartedly. The evidence is overwhelming. Prodigy must have been drugged so the Solars could escape.”

Blue snorts. “Well, I don’t believe a single word of it.”

She turns and starts to walk to her tent. She hesitates for a second, then turns back around. “I have my eyes on you Prodigy. I think you’re a liar, a traitor, and a murderer. You’re story is obviously false. After all, who sneaks up on the UnknownProdigy. You are the prodigy at staying in the shadows, never letting your enemies know you’re there. So how is it that a pony managed to sneak up on you and drug you. Hmm?”

She turns again and briskly walks back to her tent. I look back at Epic and see her eyes are dull. I can only imagine the stress that she is going through right now. She has to deal with Blue and now the Solars just walking out. I almost feel guilty about what I’ve done. Almost. I have foreseen what would have happened if the Solars had stayed. Murdered in their sleep. The Lunars would win the war easily and cast the world into eternal darkness.

‘Good you’re starting to get it aren’t you Prodigy.’ I hear Sea’s voice echo in my head, ‘Now I have another task for you.’

‘What is it?” I mentally ask back, ‘Some sort of suicide mission. It seems like a good day to die.’

‘Close, but no dice.’ Sea says with a chuckle, ‘A supposedly peaceful cause named the “Crystal Empire” has arisen. The problem is that they aren’t peaceful at all. They plan on deceiving everypony into a false sense of security. Then they will strike fast and hard and steamroll everything in their path. I want you to eradicate this threat. Kill them all before they destroy the Solars and everypony else.’

‘What is it?' I mentally ask back, ‘Some sort of suicide mission. It seems like a good day to die.’

‘Close, but no dice.’ Sea says with a chuckle, ‘A supposedly peaceful cause named the “Crystal Empire” has arisen. The problem is that they aren’t peaceful at all. They plan on deceiving everypony into a false sense of security. Then they will strike fast and hard and steamroll everything in their path. I want you to eradicate this threat. Kill them all before they destroy the Solars and everypony else.’

End Chapter 15


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