This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 16

(Blue’s POV)

‘How can they trust that slime,’ I think to myself, ‘Isn’t it obvious that he is trying to trick us all? It’s not like he’s double crossed someone before.’

These thoughts come to me while I storm away from the gathering around Prodigy. ‘Got knocked out by ether, as if,’ I think spitefully, ‘Epic should have let me lodge that arrow in his skull,’ I angrily shove open my tent flap. The single arrow is still mounted to my wall. I walk up to it and stare at it. Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t kill him right away. After all I had already reserved an arrow for Unknown. Some people may call it obsession, I call it revenge. I know that I have to avenge Sea’s death. Sea would want that. ‘Are you sure about that?’ I hear a voice ring throughout my head.

“Sea?” I say out loud. There is no response. “Is this someone’s idea of a joke?” I yell out, “Show yourself!” I look around and don’t see a soul. If somepony was in here they must have been extremely skilled in magic to cast the Invisibility Charm. It takes years to pull it off correctly and I’m sure none of the ponies in this camp are that skilled in the art of magic, besides maybe Luna and myself. I say that I am advanced in magic as I looted Twilight’s library before it was burned to the ground. I found many books inside containing many spells and enchantments. I found a trapdoor leading to a secret basement. Many of the books were collected cobwebs and dust. They were all filled with terrible spells and Dark Magic. I took as many books from this area as I could possibly grip.

I see them now sitting on a makeshift shelf near the back wall of my tent. I have read some of them and I swear there was just the spell I needed. I pulled one out and quickly sifted through page after page trying to find it. After what seemed like hours of searching and dozens and dozens of books I finally found it. It was called the El Matar Curse. It is said that the user must channel all of their inner magic to perform the spell. After much practice it is said the threat of being incinerated while midcast is lessened. The spell is said to discharge a massive amount of electricity. If used to it’s full power it can kill dozens of ponies, stopping their hearts. Just what Prodigy deserves.

I quickly mark the page and close the book gently. I sling my saddlebags over my back and set it inside one of the bags. I leave my tent and trot towards the high hill, trying to find some privacy to try out the spell. I’m almost at the end of the camp when I hear Epic shouting after me. “Hey where are you going?” She asks, “If it’s not too important I would like you back in camp, we need to see if we can follow the Solar’s trail. If we can we must set in a fierce offensive.”

I look at Epic then back at the exit of the camp. I’m thinking about blowing Epic off, but I decide against it. If I leave I am at the danger of demotion, and I need to make sure that I stay high up in the ranks. If I don’t Epic will go all soft and we will be steamrolled by the Solars and the nonaligned. I must not let this happen. So I decide against leaving, “Alright Epic,” I sigh, “I just wanted to go for a walk and get some fresh air. I feel trapped inside this camp and the atmosphere here is stressed and the air is charged with electricity.”

“Well….” Epic hesitates, “I guess you could go for a quick walk around, but go armed. I do not wish for you to be stabbed from behind,”

Is it just more or did she steal a glance at UnknownProdigy who appears to be fiddling with his revolver, and of course the revolver’s hammer is pulled back. Typical dangerous Unknown. “Anyway I want you to take your bow and your knives. It is not nearly as safe to trek the grounds of Ponyville as it once was. As the first year of this war draws to a close it seems all we have accomplished is destroying the landscape around us and killing tens of thousands of ponies. I fear some of them may have died in vain. It seems…” I leave Blue behind to worry about the war by herself.

As I walk up to the exit I see the guard nod as I walk by. Being a higher up in the Lunar hierarchy has it’s perks. I’ve had ponies offer to polish my bow more than once. I rarely let them, but sometimes when I’m feeling lazy I let them clean off the dried blood on my silver arrows. With my bow slung over my back and my knives in their respective sheaths I stalk off to find a flat, barren piece of ground.

After a few hours of walking, the sun is now right above my head. It’s deathly hot, but it doesn’t affect me. I have tempered myself to heat, after all Grieta wasn’t exactly the most chilly place in the world. The only thing that made it cool was the black-hearted, icy Prodigy that stalked its grounds. It’s as if some unspeakable force ripped out everything that was good in him and replaced it with terrible, terrible things. He terrifies many, but I do not waver in his presence. Soon, I will destroy his unholy existence on this world.

I finally reach an area that seems like the perfect place for me to practice. Not a single soul is lurking. Using magic, I open my saddlebags and pull out the book. I quickly flip to the marked page and begin to read the instructions. It says: “To start the spell you must banish all thoughts of doubt from your mind. If you do not the spell may backfire and you will be burned to ashes,”

I shiver, that line seems to set in even more doubt. Maybe that was the point, this was a terrible spell to perform. Maybe the creator did not want some random pony using it and going on some maniac killing spree. I totally wouldn’t do something like that. I stand, breathing in and out trying to banish all my doubt from my mind. It is not an easy task as I’m very much doubting my own magical talent.

After calming myself down I read the next instruction: “Think about what you are about to do. This curse can kill many. Are you sure you want to proceed? If you have answered yes then the next step is to channel all of your magical energy to your horn. This spell is very powerful and can rarely be used more than once on the first try. Once you conquer it you may be able to use it more than once in quick succession.”

Still trying to keep myself calm I think of all of my energy flowing up to my horn. I hear a strange electric crackle and dare to open my eyes a slit. I see my horn crackling with energy sparks flying off. A strange hum of power emits from the air around me. Soon the hum is no longer soft but more of a roar. Then with an amazing flash of light a pure beam of black energy shoots out the tip of my horn. It hits a tree a quarter mile away and I see the tree shrivel up and melt. Eventually the beam thins and then shuts off completely.

When the beam has disappeared I feel incredible dizzy. I try to walk forward one step and fall to my knees. The spell literally drained all of my energy, I can barely put one hoof in front of the other. I can’t even seem to lift myself up on my knees and now I have my face in the dirt. I like dirt as much as the next pony, but I’d rather not be stuck face down in the earth.

After laying in the dirt for a few minutes I hear what sounds like hoofsteps. In a panic, I try to pull myself up, but I fail. Then I try to use my magic pull out one of my knives, but all my horn produces is a single dark blue spark. ‘Well, crap,’ I think to myself.

“Well, well, well.” I hear a gravely voice say, “What do we have here?”

“Unknown?” I feel a terrible chill go down my spine, like the feeling of somepony walking on my future grave.

“What the hell are you doing?” I hear him ask, “Is the dirt actually that delicious? If it is maybe I’ll try it,”

“Prodigy!” I screech, “Help me up, you useless lump of fur!”

“Alright, alright,” He says in a defeated tone, “One sec, I’ll magic up a stretcher for you,”

I hear a very loud snap and soon I feel a magical aura spread around my entire body. I feel myself float of the ground and Prodigy lies me on the stretcher he had teleported here. Soon he’s levitated me back to base camp. I hear him whispering to himself. I’m about to ask what he’s saying to himself when he says, “That’s a nice trick there,” My blood runs cold.

“The El Mater Curse, huh?” he rhetorically asks, “Really Blue? I thought you were better than that. What would Sea say if he saw you perform such a terrible spell,”

That was it. He had gone too far. He KNEW that he had destroyed my resolve when he murdered Sea. I snapped, “Don't you DARE mention Sea's name!" I scream, “You have no right to utter his name on your  DISGUSTING TONGUE,”

“Oh calm down Blue,” I hear him say, “I’m just trying to tell you that using this curse doesn’t just kill the pony it had been used on. It kills the soul of the user, and you are already unstable due to Sea’s death. I would tread more carefully if I were you,”

“You can’t tell me what I can and cannot do, “Last time I checked I have my own free will,”

“Hey, I’m just suggesting it. Oh, and also the Solars have attacked the camp and the Lunars are currently losing,”

“What!?” I cry, “Well, we need to get over there as fast as we can. Ponies are dying,”

“Hold your horses,” He says, “We’ll get there in our own time. The Solars have only set in the first wave of foot soldiers. The only reason the Lunars are losing is because they were caught by surprise. You won’t be any use to the battle anyway. If you haven’t noticed you kind of temporarily paralyzed yourself. Good job there, by the way. Now I could revitalize you, but I’m not sure if I’m feeling that nice,”

“Prodigy,” I say, “If you do not help me, I swear I will make your death long and painful,”

I realize that now I have some feeling in my neck, my energy must be returning by myself. I look up at Prodigy’s half-gaze. His single eye seems to contain some sort of intense sorrow. I have noticed that his morale seems to have changed greatly since the Rift. Maybe he is changing for the better. “Ok, Blue,” I hear him say quietly, “I’ll help you. I will always help you,”

That hits me hard right in the heart. He WAS always there for me back in our school days. Maybe he still feels offended that I choice Sea over him. I shatter his heart, maybe that’s why he’s so bitter nowadays.

Prodigy’s horn lights up and once again a magical aura envelops me and I soon feel begins to flow back into all my limbs. Soon the magical aura disappears and the spell has been completed. The stretcher disappears and I fall flat on my back. “Ow,” I say weakly. “Ooh, sorry ‘bout that,” I hear Prodigy, “Hey at least you can feel pain now, that’s a plus. Here let’s get you on your feet,”

Once again using his magic, he levitates me in the air a few inches and sets me down onto all fours. I wobble a little bit but I soon find my balance. “Don’t you ever use your physical strength?” I see Prodigy think about it for a second. “Umm… not really,” He replies, “Now I suggest we go, ponies to save am I right?”

He turns to rush off, and as he’s turning something gold flashes on his chest. I see the rough shape of it as he gallops off. ‘Was that a cross?’ I wonder to myself, ‘but Unknown isn’t religious. Why would he wear a cross?’

‘Think about it Blue…..Think about it….’ Sea’s voice once again echoes inside my mind, ‘Who would have the power to change his perception on the world… He was never religious but you were… You were always trying to change his view… Maybe he listened…’

Dumbstruck by this discovery I stand still like a fool for minutes. Eventually I come back to my senses and rush off after Unknown. I reach the crest of the hill and I look down on the chaos below. Screams of pain and anguish pierce the air. I see Candle on the opposite looking down on his masterpiece of destruction. Broken with rage and sorrow I rush down the hill at full pelt, tears streaming profusely from my eyes.

End Chapter 16


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