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So yeah it's been 15 days since a new chapter. The reason: the writing style I had to use for this particular chapter that I have never used before. Anyway I hope your ready for a crossover. UnknownProdigy style.


This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk. Doctor Who is property of BBC and all of it's characters are also their property. I do not claim any of the characters as my own.

Begin Chapter 18

(Unknown's POV)

Chaos. That’s the only word I could describe the whirling mass of ponies saw as I once again dive into a terrible, bloody battle between the two sisters. Thundering down into the bowl shaped camp, hearing Blue chasing me down the hill. I look across the field seeing the massive wall of ponies from both sides. Lunars fighting back against the massive assault of the Solars, Ninpundists, and the Swarm.

The camp looking ravaged, as if they had used high explosives to destroy half of the camp. The problem was they had. Those cannons I had made for them must have come in handy for laying siege to the walls of the camp. Once again glancing through the field I see a few ponies who I have snapped up for the Unknown Alliance, UniCandy for one (hopefully) playing dead. I also know that I have struck trust to me into the Solars and their allies. I cannot pretend to be with the Lunars any longer. I must call my soldiers to my side and fight for the Solars. “Unknown Alliance!” I rasp out, causing great pain to my damaged lungs, “To me!”

The scratchy shout amazingly is heard over all the commotion of the battle, causing the entire battle to pause. The Solars and Lunars all look around trying to find the source of the sound. A few of the Solars have found me. Unfortunately so have some of the Lunars, including Blue and Epic. UniCandy and a few hundred other ponies gallop over to my side and precede to form ranks, weapons at the ready. Epic looks as if she is going to implode from rage. “What is the meaning of this!?” She demands, “Stop playing around Prodigy! This is not time for jokes!”

“Oh EpicLuna, this is no joke.” I sneer, “You see I’ve been planning against you for months. Feeding the enemy information, and you have been too blind and incompetent to see it. Now prepare to face your doom.”

I raise one of my knives in the air, ready to lower it to signal for the four armies to continue the assault. I’m about to drop my foreleg when I hear a shout of fury. “UnknownProdigy! Face me!” I hear Blue’s voice scream out.

I turn around and see her standing a few yards behind me, a long gash running down her right side oozing blood. “You lied to me!” She screams once again, “You said you had change! You said that you had become a better pony! YOU LIED!”

Her last words are emphasised by a loud crack of thunder in a clear blue sky. “You’re a monster! You deserve to die the most painful of deaths!”

Her whole body has a black sort of electricity coursing up and down it’s length. Her horn is spitting of sparks of an incredible dark magic. I have seen this before. It’s the Muerte Curse. I try to move myself from my current spot on the ground, but I can’t move. She seems to have rooted me in spot with Congelamento Hex. I am completely immobilized. I look deep into those eyes of her’s. I see they are no longer light blue, but pure white. She hovers of the ground, electricity crackles in the air. I’m starting to wonder why not a single pony is trying to stop her when I realize she must have also hexed them as well. “YOU WILL DIE!” I hear her scream.

I glance swing my head around, the only part of my body I can use. I look at the sky and the trees. It will all fade to darkness soon. I look back into Blue’s glowing gaze and see something I had not expected. She’s crying. The electric hum in the air has become too intense for me to wish to bare. The sound shakes the ground and disrupts my blood. ‘I’m going to die.’ I think to myself.

Everything rushes back to my once again, just like the first time. Everything. My parents’ death, more vivid than before. Every single pony I had killed, every single plea for mercy I had ignored. Everything. Sea’s face crying out for me to spare him. The pain of dying the first time amplified about one thousand times. The sounds of all the damned roaring in my ear. Everything. Blue’s worried gaze back in Grieta. The tears running down her face when I had left out to go to war. The pain of all those I had tortured for my enjoyment slams me like a bag a bricks. Everything. Every single thing I had ever tasted, felt, heard, smelled, and experience. Every single pain and ache I had ever had. Every single lonely night, the grief of all I had done weighing down on me like a boulder. Everything.

I come back to reality to hear the humming stop and a massive wall of black rushes at me. It hits me with force of a thousand bullets, and I am flung back from my previously stationed spot. I feel myself fly a hundred feet or so, the slam into the ground. I skid across the ground hitting rocks, dead bodies, and weapons deposited on the ground. I feel it all. I eventually hit a large boulder near the edge of camp and I feel multiple vertebrae in my back fracture. It doesn’t matter. I’m already dead. The sky is black, my heart has failed, it’s all over. I breath in one last tantalizing breath of air and let the sickly sweet embrace of death take me once again.

*   *   *

“Hullo?” I hear a muffled voice say, “Hullo? Anybody in there?” I feel a hoof poking me. I open my eyes just a slit and I am instantly blinded by a harsh blue light. “AH!” I shout in pain.

“Oh dear.” The voice says, I can now hear that it’s a stallion. He seems to have a Northern accent, “Didn’t think you would wake up so quickly. Usually it takes a while for a equine like yourself to wake up after an exposed time warp. But I have heard that you aren’t just any regular equine. Yes, quite, I have heard many things about you.” I turn around to face this mysterious pony and see just a regular brown earth pony with a darker brown, unruly mane poking about with some hunk of metal. “Hmm, it seems that your Time Freeze Device also worked correctly. Good, that means you won’t be dead yet.”

“What do you mean not dead yet?” I ask.

The mysterious pony looks up at me and seems to be surprised that I’m standing there. “OH yes!” He exclaims, “That’s actually a bit hard to explain. You see I was contacted by another of your kind a few weeks ago. Wait, would it be a few years ago? Whatever. Anyway this pony was quite a sight, all glowing and sparkling like a tiny star. He also had both wings and a horn. Quite rare if I do say so myself…”

“Wait!” I interrupt, “Did this pony you meet have a gray coat?”

The brown stallion’s face contorts into what seems to be some sort of puzzled expression. “Yes...yes.” He finally answers, “He did have a gray coat. It also kind of tapered to white at the tip of his horn, wings, tail, and extremities. BUT! That is not important I was explaining something. No interruptions please. Anyway as I was saying this glowing pony said that I would have to save you. The thing is I already knew that I was going to have to save you, the UnknownProdigy.”

“How….how do you know my name?” I ask, shocked.

“Well I guess I’m sort of a…” He glances behind him at a blue box that I hadn’t noticed before, “traveler. Once again, no interruptions please. Anyway he told me you were in grave danger and that you would be the only pony who could save the world. I doubted him, because obviously if anyone could save the world it’s me. I preceded to try, but I couldn’t get to exactly right time to save the world. It seemed as if that moment in history was time locked, unchanging. I could not change the outcome no matter how hard I tried. But alas, that is not what I am here to do. I decided to find you earlier in your timeline. After some intensive searching I found a safe moment to place this,” he holds up what appears to be a massive exoskeleton with many wires and moving pieces attached to it, “I just took this and when you were preoccupied slapped right on your back.”

“Erm, how exactly did I not notice you doing that?” I ask, “That thing is massive, I would think that I would not feel such a heavy object on my back.”

“Ah, but that’s the beauty of it. It has a built in cloaking device that makes it so that’s it’s just a millisecond out of sync with yourself.” he says, “The device can timewarp you and time freeze you at the same time. It also make a dinging noise when I hit this button.” He precedes to push a blue button and a small ding sounds, “BUT! That is not important. What is important is getting you back to being alive and then back to your own time. Now since your heart is out I think we need to get it started again. What you need it a doctor.”

With that he quickly looks behind himself and yells, “Rose! Get my glasses please and also my stethoscope please.”

“Yes Doctor.” I hear a mare’s voice respond.

“You have another pony with you. Can she explain this better to me?”

The brown pony who is apparently named the Doctor, puts on a face that reminds me of a soul who is thinking very deeply. “No.” Is all he says.

I sigh. ‘Sea you jerk.’ I think, trying to contact Sea, ‘you stick me here with some nutter who claims he can travel in time.’

“Oh, but I can Prodigy.” I hear him say. “What do you mean you can?” I ask, shocked by his sudden response.

“I mean I can travel in time and in space for that matter.” he says, “And yes I can read your thoughts. I also hooked you up with a mindwave transmission device. And no I am not going to explain what it is. Anyway you see that blue police box back there.” he gestures one foreleg back at the box, “That’s my ship. One of the most advanced in the entire universe. It’s called the TARDIS: Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Also, no you can’t get to go inside. I have to get you back to your own time. Speaking of that, Rose! Do you have the stuff I asked for yet.”

A mare with a cream color coat and a mane that was colored rose red colored mane. A rose cutie mark set proudly on her flank. She seemed to have some sort of distant look in her eyes as if she had seen too much in too little of a time. As if she had seen five lifetimes in only half of hers. She trots over to the Doctor holding a stethoscope and a pair of glasses. “Here you are Doctor.”

“Thank you, Rose.” he responds back, “Anyway, Prodigy we need to get you back to your time. The only way to do so is to get your heart beating again. Now with my stethoscope and my glasses, and my screwdriver we will get you going again. See, I have also created an illusion that your body is still lying dead on the battlefield despite you being here. Another cool thing is that I made the illusion and yourself connected. So as long as I can get you living again you will be sucked right back into your own time.”

“Sounds…painful.” I comment.

“Oh it is. It is very much so, but the angel who visited me said to do whatever it took. Speaking of angels, if you ever see one that is made out of stone and seems to move when you aren’t looking. Don’t take your eyes off it. Just don’t blink if that ever happens to you.”

“Um...ok.” I say back confused, “I’ll remember that the next time I’m in the sort of situation. How is this helping me exactly?”

“Ah, yes. Getting you alive again would be more important right now I suppose. Anyway let’s see here…” he fumbles about with his “screwdriver” and his “stethoscope.”

He doesn’t use either on me, but he does do another weird scan of me again. “Hmm...well I think I know exactly what do with you. I think you need a doctor!”

He rises and proceeds to take out what appear to be two paddle looking things. “Well Prodigy, before you go I have a message from this Sea of yours. He says, “Stop dying.” He then flips a switch on the machine connected to the paddles and I hear them hum with electricity. “Allon-sy! Clear!”

He pushes the paddles down on my chest and I feel a massive pulse of energy rush through my body. I feel the whole of reality slip away and a massive nauseous effect spread through me. The pain is immense as I spiral through the blackness. I then feel as if I hit a brick wall and lose consciousness.

*   *   *

I feel the sensation in my limbs come back to my limbs a few seconds after the painful journey I had just experienced. I slowly open my eyes just a slit and sunlight dominates my vision. I resist the urge to slam my eyes shut again, and force my eyelids all the way open. I see that I am in the same place as I was in when I had died. It was also quiet. It seemed as if the battle had already been fought and won. I need to see the aftermath. I rise slowly and after a few moments of trying to keep steady on my feet, I walk off to see the carnage of the battle.

I walk about seeing multiple holes in the once mighty camp walls. Deep trenches in which cannonballs had dug the earth. The worst of it was the ground tainted with the blood of many, many ponies. Some bodies still lay on the ground, the sound of flies buzzing over their lifeless, cold bodies. It’s a sickening sight, and I made it happen. I feel sick from my skull down to the bones in my legs. ‘I caused it.’ I think, ‘I killed them all.’

“Prodigy do not think like that.” I hear Sea say, “It was a necessary sacrifice. These ponies had to die. Without their deaths, more will die. You can stop mass deaths like these, you just have to continue with the plan. Do not let them die in vain, Prodigy.” I look up. I see Sea in all of his angelic glory standing in front of me. “What’s the point, Sea?” I ask, my already damaged voice wavering, “They died and I could not save them. I launched the attack of the Alliance too soon. I died, came back (again), and by the time I got back, they were too far gone for me to save.”

“Prodigy, that was doomed to happen. It will happen again and again, over and over. Nothing can change it. According to the Doctor that point in time is a set event. Nothing can change it. It must happen, always. Never changing.”

I look back at the mass of death I see in front of me. The stench of death and remorse in the air is pungent and sour. I can still smell the fear in the air. It’s gut-wrenching. I can’t stand it anymore. The killing needs to stop.

“Sea, I think I know what I have to do.” I say, “It has to do with the Crystal Empire you told me about isn’t it?”

“Yes, Prodigy.” He responds, “They have secretly been stashing weapons from raiding battlefields after the battle. They will soon be able to rise up and destroy everything in their path. The pacifist thing is just a ploy. They must be stopped or the world will fall into chaos. They will be here soon. You must wait until they come. Then...kill them all."

End Chapter 18


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