This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 19

(Blue’s POV)

‘He’s dead,’ the thought flashes flashes through my head as I watch the lifeless body of Prodigy fly across the battlefield after being hit by a wall of black energy. ‘I killed him….’

He finally comes to a rest against a large boulder and, still with his eyes wide, falls limp to the ground. The glint in his eyes are gone, his body will grow cold. I have struck down the Black Dove. It’s over. He is no more. I know I should be jumping for joy. Instead I am rooted to the ground. I feel like I have put the Immobilizing Curse on myself.

I know when you usually kill another pony you aren’t supposed to look them in the eyes. They say that the last expression their eyes make before death is a plead for mercy. As if their gaze is asking you, “Why?”

I broke that rule. I can see now why it’s one of the most important. I looked him the eye. It shattered my heart, but the spell was already in progress and I could not stop it. I had tried to focus on something else.

Then I saw the cross necklace around his neck. I think back to the day I bought it for him. It was a gift for his birthday. I didn’t think he would accept it, him not being religious in the slightest. Despite this, he took it and instantly unclasped it and wrapped it around his neck. From that day he always wore it. He never let it out of his sight he always told me. I wonder why he had held onto it for all those years. Even when I betrayed him for another, he kept it. I will never know the reason. He’s dead. ‘He lied to me,’ I think to myself, ‘he deserves it.’

I look around the battlefield, everypony is still Immobilized. I know that I cannot keep the spell going for too long as it would literally burn me to ashes. I switch off the spell mentally and all the ponies unfreeze and continue fighting as if nothing had happened. The Unknown Alliance members look around confused trying to find their leader. Before they can call his name they are bowled over by a group of Lunars and have to defend themselves. ‘Good,’ I think, ‘It will take them some time before they find their dead leader.’

I am about to charge back into the fray when I feel a slight burning sensation against my back. I turn and see Candle standing over the dead body of Prodigy, the look in his eyes is murderous. That gaze is focused right at me. “YOU!” I hear him shout, “You killed him! Solars push them back. Show no mercy! Kill them all! Anypony that can kill Bluelighting will be rewarded greatly for their valor.”

I see UglyTurtle, Grovyle, Hysterical, and many others scan the crowd trying to find me. It doesn’t take long for Grovyle’s gaze to meet mine and I know that I will have to defend myself against an entire army if I am to survive. ‘Do not fear, Blue.’ I hear a voice in my head chide, ‘You are never alone.’

This voice does not belong to Sea. It is another’s. The owner I have never heard before. It’s obviously a male’s and it seems to have a sort of laughter to it. ‘You must advance. Get to Prodigy’s body. Take his knives. They are yours now. If you take them his return will not come. They are tied to his life force like the wielders before him. Once you possess the knives his spirit will not linger. Get to them, quickly!’

Despite the fact I have never heard this voice in my head before I decide to oblige. I must make it through the wall of whirling flesh in front of me to get the cursed knives. ‘No! Blue do not listen to him. He is trying to corrupt you. Just as he did to Unknown before you. It’s Dis-’ I hear Sea’s voice before it is replaced by the others.

‘Do not listen to him. He’s been lying to you.’ it says, ‘I could make you great. All you have to do is get to the blades. You could become more powerful than Luna or possibly even Celestia herself. Do as I ask, get the Blades of Holy Destruction.'

‘The blades of what?’ I ask back.

‘Oh, nothing.’ The voice responds, ‘Just a little name for that particular set of knives that has been thrown quite often. Just stop asking ridiculous questions and grab the knives.’

‘Fine, fine,’ I respond.

With that I draw my own knives. Looking at them and comparing them to the beautiful blades Prodigy had once wielded, they look quite dull and boring. Nevertheless, they have served me well and will get me to the blades that are the key to my success in this war. I look back at the wall of ponies keeping me from the knives. ‘Piece of cake.’ I think. Then I charge. The wall, seemingly shocked at my aggression, rushes to meet me in the center. They are heavily armored and heavily armed, but I am light and not weighed down by obsessive amounts of weaponry. I meet the first dagger to sword. Our blades collide and sparks rain. The sounds of the other miniature battles are gone. It’s just me and my enemies, there's no one else in my way. I parry his first strike and feint to one side. He sees this coming and slams the end of his sword in my face. I reel back, spitting blood out my mouth. ‘He broke my nose,’ I realize, ‘That jerk!’

I rush once again, this time faking to one side and then to the other. He fails to see this coming and I managed to sink both knives hilt deep into his side. I pull them back and he falls. I look up at my next opponent and come face to face with Grovyle.

“Impressive show, Blue,” He sarcastically remarks, “I didn’t think you had it in you. I always thought you were a coward. Seeing you kill Prodigy like that just seals my belief.”

“Shut up!” I scream. I try to bring my knives down at his head, but he raises his own sword and blocks the strike. “Weak,” He spats.\

He forces my blades back and slashes at my abdomen. I just barely jump back in time, and even then he manages to take the fur off of the strip of skin he tried to slice apart. He goes for another strike, this time I’m prepared and parry his blow. We separate and this time I go on the aggression. Once again he blocks the strike. This goes on for some time, us trading strikes. Neither of us can get the advantage over the other. “Enough of this!” Grovyle booms.

He draws his flintlock, and before I can react he fires. I feel the hot piece of steel go deep into my chest, going through my ribs cage and burying itself deep in my lungs. The impact knocks all of the oxygen out of me. I feel myself slamming on the ground, but the pain does not register. All I can feel is the screaming pain in my lungs. I suck in a ragged, painful breath, my body protesting at the effort. Everything is pain, there is nothing else. My vision is tinged red on the edges, as if someone has splattered blood over my vision.

I can blurrily see the hooves of Grovyle’s mint green legs walking up to me. Fear shoots through me, even that causes my vision to waver. I am almost blinded by the fear and the pain. Grovyle stops only about a foot from my hunched body. I can barely hear his voice through the barriers of pain. “Pathetic show Blue,” he says, “I had expected better from you. After all I have heard much that you are the most powerful fighter here. It seems that my sources were wrong. Now, you’ve killed the Prodigy, and despite me not liking him very much this is something I could not let you get away with. Think of this as your punishment. I bid thee farewell.”

I see his hooves trot away back towards the way he came. My vision is becoming increasingly blurry and the red tinge is spreading. The pain almost seems to be spreading like a slow acting poison, causing only pain. I feel myself falling in and out of consciousness as I begin to go into shock. I know shock can kill, but I just want something to stop the pain, no matter how severe the consequence. The world is coming in flashes now, my vision has completely been tinged red, the pain barely registers as my pain receptors must have been overloaded. My body is weary and I oblige to it’s needs. I stop fighting it and let myself fall into the ever so tantalizing darkness. With one last thought on my mind, ‘I killed the UnknownProdigy. I have won.’ Then I think no more.

*        *        *

When I wake I see that I am in a very familiar place. The Grieta countryside. This version of Grieta is my favorite. The time before the war. The trees are in full change as fall is settling in on the area. It was always my favorite time. Walking among the colorful leaves swirling in the wind. Most of the time I would walk by myself, not wanting to be distracted by the beauty of it all. However, there were a select few times when I would take walk with….

‘No do not think of him,’ I scold myself, ‘He betrayed me, he doesn’t deserve my memories.’

I look around some more, the view makes my heart ache. I miss this Grieta, my old home. After the war, the landscape was filled with scars and most of the trees had burned. It was no longer the home I had once know. So I left vowing never to return. Sea, ever so loyal to me came with. We traveled for a few years, but eventually we decided to settle in the peaceful little town name Ponyville.

The whole process of changing citizenship was a mess, but after some time we managed to become fully part of Equestria. I choose Ponyville because it reminded me so much of Grieta before the war. Now, as if I’m being mocked by some omnipotent being it has had its beauty ripped from it. It’s just cruel. After looking at the view I decide to walk around a little, but before I can set one hoof in front of the other, a deep burning pain hits me like a sack of bricks. The experience I had just gone through rips through my body once more. I cry out and put my hoof back where it was. The pain stops. ‘What?’ I wonder, ‘What kind of place am I at?’

“Well, if you truly want the answer beloved I’ll tell you,” I hear Sea’s voice sarcastically ring through the air.

I quickly turn towards the voice, but I cannot see anything. I can’t see Sea anywhere. “Sea?” I ask, “Where are you?” “As if I would show myself to you,” I hear the acidic tone of his voice, every word burns me like a lash, “You see this is where the bad ponies go. Especially those who cannot deal with grief. AND especially those who are driven mad by grief. This is your punishment, so deal with it.”

“Wait…” I hesitate, cold realization spreads through my body, “You mean I’m in…” “Hell? Yes, that is exactly where you are. You are currently in Prodigy’s place. You see Prodigy actually decided to change. I saw, in the near future, that if you lived and he died that the world would die with him. So I gave Candle a little nudge and he decided to sick his warriors on you. It just so happened that Grovyle was the one that killed you. I applaud him for that. So now you’re going to sit here for all eternity. You can never move, all you can do is look at the same view forever. You eventually learn to despise, then it will slowly break you. You will never move from that spot. Ever! Say hi to Satan for me.”

With that I hear a sharp snap and Sea’s voice is gone replaced by just nothingness. This is the worst sound I could ever imagine. The sound of silence, the most influential sound to all. It makes us talk to break it, but I have no one to talk to. ‘I’m in Hell…” I think to myself, the gravity of the situation has not quite registered in my frazzled consciousness.

‘Oh no need to be so sad,’ says a familiar voice, ‘After all I think I can be of assistance.’

‘Huh?’ I wonder, ‘Who’s there? Where are you? Show yourself.’

‘I think not, Blue. Besides I’m not really there. I’m just sending a telepathic message to you. I’m still in the world of the living, and I can get you here too. All I need is something in return.’

‘Yes!’ I answer back, ‘I’ll give you anything. I just need to be revived.’

‘Good,’ his voice once again bounces around in skull, ‘Anything you say?’

‘Yes anything.’

‘All right then. I will grant you renewed life and I will help you on your way to greatness. For a price. Your soul.’

‘What!?’ I mentally exclaim, ‘No you can’t have that. I’ve read the stories about selling souls. I’m saying that I won’t do it.’

‘Ah, but I thought you said you would do anything,’ the voice replies, ‘So you must accept. You said you would do anything, yes? I’m asking you to do something. Fork over your immortal soul or slowly be driven mad down here in the fiery inferno. Your choice.’

I think about my choices for a while. Then I reply,‘H-how long do I have? If I give it to you, I mean,’ I ask, ‘I need at least five years. That’s all I need.’

‘No Blue you’ve got it all wrong,’ the voice answers, ‘You see I won’t tear the soul from you literally. No, you’re just going to have to follow my every command. You see I met another pony like you, a stallion, he wasn’t dead but he was planning on doing it himself. I gave him a suggestion and it made him great. I then said I could make him even better, but he said no and ran off with the gift I had granted him. He died later,’ I hear the voice sigh, ‘If only he had listened. That fool.’

‘F-f-fine I accept the offer,’ I say, ‘I just need to get to those knives. That’s all I need to do.’

‘As you wish,’ the voice says.

After that I feel a cold, creeping feeling spread throughout my body, almost as if death had cast a shadow on me. Then with a loud bang the landscape around me faded and was quickly replaced with a familiar landscape. My war torn home Ponyville was once again in front of me. I fall to my knees, feeling like all of the oxygen had been sucked out of me. I lay there for a while. Then I hear Sea’s voice echo in my mind. He says: ‘Never make a deal with the devil, Blue. He will always get the better end.’

I rise to my legs. I can still hear Sea’s voice criticizing my decision. I don’t care. He can go on telling me what to do and what not to do. I am my own being and I will do what I need to do to destroy the UnknownProdigy. Not for Sea anymore, but for me. ‘That’s the spirit,’ I hear the voice say, ‘Strike down your enemies. Destroy all those that oppose you. You will be feared for years to come. They will call you Blue the Undaunting. Never again will you be paralyzed by fear.’

‘Thank you for the support ummm...’ I was going to say his name but I do not know it, ‘What’s your name by the way?’

‘Oh yes I had completely forgotten. My name is Discord. Now enough small talk, we have some chaos to stir up.’

  •         *        *

(Unknown’s POV)

I look at the horizon. It’s almost sunset now. I know that Blue is out there, just waiting for me to come back. ‘Oh, I’m back,’ I think to myself, ‘Back from the dead. And I’m coming to kill you Blue. I’m coming for you.’

I charge into the growing darkness, vengeance burned into my mind.

End Chapter 19


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