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So here we are. Chapter 20. After almost eight months of chapters we have finally made it to the halfway point. It's been quite a ride. Also in case some of you haven't heard after Chapter 40 is published I am planning on posting the fiction in its glorious completed form onto Fimfiction. I will need a few editors to go through the chapters. I'd rather not do all of it myself, it might take ages. If you would like to volunteer just send me a talk page message. So enjoy reading Chapter 20.  UnknownProdigyOoYA0kr.gif


This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actual blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. In this chapter the blood is a little ramped up. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 20

(Unknown’s POV)

‘She dies. The last thing she will see is the metal of my blades burying themselves in her neck,’ I think to myself angrily, ‘I will destroy her. I will make sure her death is not quick. It will be long. See puts me through pain and I shall return the favor.’

I draw the angelic blades that are concealed in the sheaths located on my hind legs. They are already clotted with blood as is. Soon they shall be slick with the blood of one that I had once loved. It may pain my heart to strike her down, but it must be done. Before I can go much farther I hear a very angry voice inside my head. ‘And where do you think YOU’RE going!’ I hear the disgruntled voice of Sea echo throughout my skull, ‘I told you that you had to stay at the abandoned camp until the Crystals arrive. I suggest you turn around right now before I tell my superiors to smite you.’

‘You can’t just go around smiting ponies Sea,’ I respond back, ‘You do know that right?’

‘Have you know me to follow the rules?’ He asks back, ‘No, I’m not big on rules, ok? So I would recommend turning around and getting back up to that camp. If you don’t then I will come down from heaven just to smack you.”

‘Whatever,’ I surrender, ‘You still can’t stop me from ending her pathetic existence. I don’t even care if she was your wife.’

‘I will not stop you Prodigy,’ he replies quietly, ‘She is no longer the pony I married. Her soul has become black with rage. She is a hopeless case, nothing can save her. The only merciful thing to do would be to end her life. I grant you that task; do not fail me. However, you must complete this task first.’

‘In the camp you should find explosives in the armory. I recommend wiring some to the entrance and blowing your enemies to Tartarus. If any survive, I assume the Prodigy of Death can easily dispatch a weakened foe. Now go, quickly!’

‘I shall not fail you Sea.’

After responding I rush off back to the ravaged camp. Running back up the hill back towards the camp that once housed those that had trust in me. Epic and Blue placed such trust in me. I killed all of them. That fact will be burned into my mind until I die. Maybe even after for how many times I have died already. After a few minutes of galloping I reach the rise of the camp. Looking down at the bowl of the camp I wonder why they had they camp in on a downhill. Poor strategy I suppose. Epic was never one for great planning. Though they did have sentries on the wall, the defense was flimsy and couldn’t take too much.

I shake my head. No time to critique Epic’s piss-poor planning. I must complete this mission. I enter the second entrance of the camp and once again see the carnage I have created. It’s almost as painful as the first time, the deep burn of guilt feels like a hot bullet worked into my chest. I would know, since I have been shot there before.

Walking through the camp, my senses are bombarded by many sights and smells. None of them are pleasant. The smell of death hangs in the air like a sick fog. It’s overpowering at times and it hits me like a sack of bricks. I almost vomit at the smell of it.

That’s is not the worst part though. I see many, many bodies littering the ground. Some of them lay in piles of flesh. It’s sickening and make the bullet of grief in my chest bury itself deeper. As I continue to walk I see two ponies laying together. One a stallion, the other a mare. The way they are positioned they must have died in each others embrace; looking into each others eyes at their very last moments. Loving until the end. My resolve breaks. I fall down onto my knees, and vicious sobs rack my body. I can no longer bare it, the sorrow of it all will drive me mad.

I allow myself five minutes. That’s all I get. After five minutes of strangled crying, I pull myself to my hooves and push through the sorrow and guilt. I know where the armory is, it’s located near the center of the camp. I will need to push through a field of dead bodies almost a quarter of a mile long just to get there. I’ve already pushed through about half of it. I have no idea how I will ever make it there.

In one particular stretch of bloodied earth lies a pony that, at first, seemed to be stone cold dead. Then I see her body twitch at the sound of my footfalls. I freeze, and turn to look at the mangled mess of a pony I see in front of me. I can see a very shallow rise and fall of her sides. She’s alive, but barely just. I rush over to her, trying to see if I can save this pony. The injured pony raises her head just barely, and opens her eyes just a slit. She says one word: “Please…”

Thinking that she wants me to save her, I start to levitate her off the ground. Before I can even get her an inch off the ground, she lets loose a strangled cry. I could compare this noise to that of a dying, trapped animal. Shocked, I set her down. This stops the terrible screaming. She repeats the single word, “Please…”

The realization hits me like a stampede of cattle. She doesn’t want me to fix the pain, she wants me to end it. “!” I shout at this poor, dying pony, “I won’t...I won’t! I can help you!”

She looks up at me, her eyes still slitted. “Please....Do it…”

“…” my voice trails to nothing.

I know that you must always respect the dying. This is her final wish, and I must respect it. The bullet works its way deeper. I unlatch my revolver's sheath on the inner part of my front right leg. Using my magic, I levitate the gun up to eye level, lining up the sights directly at the head of the nameless mare in front of me. I can barely see the sights in front of me, my sight is blurred by tears. The mare says one last phrase, “Thank you…”

I lift it up and slowly squeeze the trigger. The sound of thunder erupts from the barrel. I never see the bullet land, but I hear it. The sickening sound of a bullet making its way through the skull. The bullet works its way deeper.

After much crying and bile, I finally reach the armory. Upon arrival I hear Sea’s voice, ‘You have about fifteen minutes before the Crystals arrive. I recommend you hurry.’

After finding the explosives in a box marked with the words in red, I look for something else I will need. After much rummaging I find it, a revolver silencer. I knew one would be in here since, well, I put it there. Fashioning on the silencer I head back out into the rampaged camp. Not wanting to go through the trail of tears I had just been through I just teleport back to the entrance. Once there again, I pull out the explosives and fasten them onto the makeshift entrance arc. I cover them completely with black electric tape. Since it’s near dark they should not even see the explosives. After this I sit in a group of bushes. Then I wait.

*       *       *

‘Your time is up Prodigy,’ I hear Sea say after a short time, ‘Showtime.’

‘Thanks for the heads-up,’ I respond, ‘So I have to kill all of them?’

‘Yes every single one. Especially their leader, Boushh. She is the leader of this treachery.’

‘Boushh!’ I think back, shocked, ‘Oh now I’m definitely ready. It’s payback time.’

‘Payback?’ Sea asks, ‘I’m not sure I underst-’

‘Hush, I see some movement up ahead.’

I pull out the detonator from my saddlebag. I know I must be patient, they may have just sent up a splinter group to check for stragglers.

My prediction is proven correct when only two ponies emerge, no others with them. They stalk around, constantly checking over their shoulders. They are observant, just what I need. This will make my job about ten times harder. Still I must be patient. After some time, one of the ponies pulls out a walkie-talkie. I can hear him say that it’s all clear, and that they can all move up. A garbled voice is his response. The only thing I can pick from it is the phrase “Ten minutes.”

I have only ten minutes to dispatch the scouts. Should be no trouble. The walkie-talkie pony is very near my bush. Now’s my chance. While his back is turned I stalk up to him. Every inch is painful knowing that the closer I get, the closer I get to ending this pony’s life. The bullet is burned even deeper. Every single step seems to be a mile. When I almost near him I think that I can’t do it. Mentally I cannot bring myself to end another’s life. My mind is split between the bloodthirsty Prodigy and the tempered Prodigy. It’s a battle against two primordial forces that have kept me going through this incredibly long year.

Eventually I think of Boushh and the mental and physical damage she caused me at the end of the War at the Rift. She must pay for what she has done to me. Without anymore hesitation I unsheathed my blood stained knives. They will take yet another life, the cursed blades will continue to reap souls until the end of time. This pony is but a speck on the blades long and twisted history. I decide I will only need one knife for the job and instead settle for using my revolver as my second weapon. Levitating two things is just about as much I can do without serious concentration. The revolver, a gift from my father, now has a silencer fitted onto it’s barrel. It will be as silent as a snake. The bullet continues to burn.

I am now just a foot behind the pony I am to eradicate. He is talking on the walkie-talkie again confirming now that I only have about two minutes left. No regrets. I leap and the single blade goes hilt deep into his throat. He lets out one final, dying cry; this his buddy hears. The other pony turns, gun raised. He sees me and is going to kill me. Well I mean was going to kill me. A bullet straight between the eyes brings him down. The bullet is now searing. This grief may just be the end of me.

I quickly dispatch of the bodies and once again station myself in the bushes. My internal clock says that I have only just seconds until they arrive. My calculations are correct when I see the first set of hooves trot through the camp entrance. “Ah! Wonderful,” Says the mare who leads the pack, “The Lunar Camp. What a sight to see. I never thought I would ever set hoof into this place. Well it’s all mine now, those pathetic Lunars getting chased off by the Solars. They are both weak. It’s almost like watching toddlers fighting. Soon they shall both be crushed. They think we are “pacifists.” HA! What do they know? They will be destroyed by our might. Now, quickly loot the camp, leave nothing behind.”

This voice can only belong to the upstart Boushh. She was always pretentious. I never talked to her much. The few times I did she was so full of herself I was surprised she didn’t explode.

My hatred is burned even deeper than some rather annoying conversations with this pony. She is the reason my voice was destroyed. On the very last day of the War at the Rift, I was sniping as usual. I wasn’t paying much attention to my backside. Or I wasn’t until Boushh had snuck up on me and shot me in the back. The bullet had gone straight through my right lung. It was a terrible experience, and not want I want to relive anytime soon.

She was right behind Candle on my hit list until I made up with him. Now she’s number one and I will not pass up the opportunity to blow her off the face of the earth. I open the latch on the detonator, prepare myself, and the push down on the button.

An earth shattering explosion ensues. I am thrown back from my hiding spot by a couple of feet. Though some of the Crystals fared much worse. Many of them fly farther and higher than I do. It is literally raining bits and pieces of ponies. It’s pretty much the most gruesome thing I have ever been a part of. It soon is starting to drizzle blood, and I can’t take it. I once again retch, but there is nothing left to force out. After my dry vomiting, I rise to my feet once again.

The camp that was only slightly destroyed has been obliterated. The explosives have completely flattened the entrance of the camp. Structural damage can be seen as far as five hundred feet from ground zero. Still, that is not the worst part.

The worst part is the mangled bodies I see in front of me. Most can no longer be called bodies, just bits and pieces. It’s like some sort of messed up jigsaw puzzle. I try not to look at it, but that is proven to be quite difficult as there isn’t much area where I can’t see the mess I have created. Still I have to. I must make sure Boushh did not survive the blast. Little did I realize that my question would be answered in less than a few moments. I hear a feminine groan from off to my left. By instinct, I look over to see a bloodied mess of a mare. One leg seems to have been ripped off in the explosion. Still through all the gore I can still see the coat of a certain pony.

“Boushh,” I say, “We meet again. It seems that this time I have the element of surprise, no?”

The living corpse of Boushh coughs and spits out a fair amount of blood. “Yo...your a monster.” “I’m a monster?” I say in mock surprise, “Well yes maybe. I did in fact blow your entire movement to bits. Oh wait did I say movement, I meant backstabbing, traitorous fools. You really thought that not one single pony worth a high school education wouldn’t figure out what you were doing? You must be more idiotic than I had first thought. Now, it’s time for me to do something that I should have done many years ago. Kill the one that almost killed me.” “ it,” Boushh barely managed to spit out, “ will...gain...nothing from killing me...Do you Nothing…” She descends into a bloody coughing fit, “”

“As you wish,” I say.

Raising the gun back to my single eye I look down upon the defeated pony I am going to kill. “You...are...despicable...You know...that...right?”

“Oh yes Boussh. I’ve know that for a long time. I do not wish to deny it. See you in hell, Boushh. Now close your eyes and say goodnight.”

I pull the trigger and the bullet goes deep into her skull. Death was instant. She felt nothing that wasn’t already inflicted by the explosion. She suffered in her last moments I’m sure. The pain must have been unbearable. I start to walk away when I deep, hot, twisting pain strikes me in the chest. The bullet has hit my heart, the bullet of grief has finally hit home. I fall to my knees, the emotion is too overwhelming. Emotion should not be a physical pain. The last time I have felt this pain it was after… ‘No… not him. Anyone but him!’

The guilt added on to the physical pain can only mean one thing. A certain draconequus has stopped by for a little visit. I can only assume who he’s after. ‘Prodigy, I would recommend confronting Blue immediately,’ I hear Sea say in my mind, ‘He’s-

‘...corrupted Blue and made her sell her immortal soul to him,’ I respond, ‘Yeah I had already figured that out.’ I grit my teeth, the pain seems to be ebbing away, ‘I will get right on that Sea. I can only do so much.’

‘I recommend you do more than hurry. This must be done post-haste.’

‘Fine, fine. I’ll go after them,’ I mentally snap back.

I turn off into the horizon. ‘Ok Blue I hope you’re ready. For my name is the UnknownProdigy: Silverheart. My father’s son. My mother’s pride. You destroyed my heart and I will rip yours out. For my name is the UnknownProdigy. Blue prepare to die.’ I rush off out onto the ravaged battlefield, vengeance burned into my mind.

‘Blue wil die. Blue will die. Blue will die...’ The angels in my mind have raised their voices into a chant. I shall apiece their will.

(Blue’s POV)

‘Prodigy must die. Prodigy must die. Prodigy must die.’ The chant is burned into my mind as I charge towards the abandoned Lunar camp.

End Chapter 20


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