This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actual blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, (fanservice), and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

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Begin Chapter 22

(Blue’s POV)

“Bunker!? What do you think you are doing here? Leave this place!” I snap.

I hear Bunker chuckle, despite the gun blocking his mouth. He carefully places it back in its sheath and speaks, “Oh Blue, Blue, Blue. You think you can make me leave by threatening me. You don’t know me very well apparently. Now step away from Unknown and no one gets hurt.”

I look down at Prodigy. He’s still muttering things about the darkness and death. He must have gone into shock. Doesn’t surprise me he was always kind of weak-minded anyway. “Why Bunker? He tried to kill you. You should be helping me destroy him, not stopping me. Please explain your sudden change of heart.”

“Like I would explain anything to you,” Bunker retorts back, “You think that I would simply share my motives with a pony that has the most twisted motives I have ever seen.”

“Look who’s talking. You were the one leading the soldiers of the Grieta over the top on the bloodiest day of the War at the Rift. You never showed any grief for what you had done. If anypony has twisted motives it would be you.”

“Bah!” Bunker exclaims, “Enough of this! I have come for the Prodigy, and you shall not keep from getting to him!”

“Oh really Bunker. You a pegasus, defeating me?” I burst into laughter, “Oh wow. Bunker you crack me up. You think you can beat me? A unicorn skilled in the art of combat. Wow! That’s a riot,” I then see the determined look on his face, “Wait, you’re serious?”

“Oh Blue. You just made a big mistake. No one, and I mean NO ONE, insults me like that. Now prepare to die!”

He draws a massive sword that I cannot believe he could lift. He manages to have enough dexterity to hold in his hooves. “I put stainless steel in the handle and am wearing gloves that contain a super magnet. Now what were you saying about me not being able to fight you?”

“Your tricks do not scare me. Now enough talk. Shall we begin?”

“I thought you would never ask. En garde!”

He hurls himself across the lawn and I raise my blades to parry his strike, but he has faked me out. Instead of attacking me head on he feints to one side and slashes me along my side. Pain shoots up my body for a second time today. The poisoned wound Prodigy dealt to me is starting to take its toll. I can barely lift my knives a second time to block another fierce strike by Bunker. “Hmm, too tired after your fight with Prodigy?” he asks, “Well this will be easier than I thought.”

Discord’s voice echoes in my head, “Do not let him insult you like that. Strike him down. Make sure he never rises again.’

This encouragement gives me a slight rush of energy and I am finally able to launch a weak offensive. Bunker’s form is sloppy, as he probably thought that I wouldn’t be able to raise a challenge. After a few strikes a land glancing blow on his shoulder. He yells out in pain and starts hurling curses and rather nasty words at me. “Oh Blue you are so going to pay for that.”

“Hmph. Did you kiss your mother with that mouth of yours?”

Bunker does not respond. He once again charges this time I see the fake strike and slam the end of one of my knives into his face. He falls back after I hear a satisfying crack of bone. “You little...You broke my nose!”

“Oh sorry about that. I meant to break your skull.”

“Enough fooling around. It’s high time we finished this.”

Preparing myself again I see him reach down for his pistol sheath. I realize what he’s going to do and before he can raise the gun fully I already have my bow unslung, an arrow loaded, and have it aimed at his head. “Drop the gun Bunker. I would rather not sour such a fair fight with such cheating.”

“Cheating? We never set out any rules now did we.” he has the gun in a killing position, “Now Blue, pray for mercy.”

“I don’t think so.”

I let the arrow fly and it hits the pistol right out of his mouth. He jumps back in surprise. He looks to see his gun laying almost fifteen feet away. “How?...What?”

“Now Bunker I’m going to say this one more…”

Before I can finish my sentence he slams into me at top speed. He slams me against the ground and quickly flies up. I am dazed and try to rise but cannot. The poison of Prodigy’s knives has almost sapped my energy completely. He charges down from his height at a blaring speed. I hear an incredibly loud sound as he breaks the speed of sound. One thought goes through my head, ‘When he hits me it’s going to hurt.’

He is only feet away from me when I feel myself teleport a few feet to the left. Bunker sees this and manages to turn his nose dive into a quick descent. He manages to spin around and land in front of me. “Another one of your cheap tricks I suppose. No matter,” He draws his sword again and set the tip on my throat, “You shall die anyway.”

Increasingly desperate, I send out my magic to find something to hit him over the head with. Then I realize something. His gun. I send out my magic trying to grab it. “Hahaha!” Bunker’s laugh drips with malice, “You insulted me and now this is your punishment. You should have chosen your words better Blue. Now greet Sea for me.”

Sea’s face flashes in my mind and I let out a roar of effort. I manage to levitate the gun back towards me and point it directly at Bunkers chest. “Oh ho ho Blue. I know you will never use that. You were always against guns. Now just put it down and surrender peacefully.”

“NO!” I roar as I pull the trigger. Bunker’s face goes from triumph to pain and shock as the bullet goes straight through his abdomen. He looks down at the wound in complete shock. “But...but… They said...they said you didn’ don’t use guns,” He coughs spitting up a large glob of blood, “No…”

He staggers back and falls to the ground. I am still staring at the gun at an utter loss for words. I didn’t even mean to use it. It was just instinct. I didn’t mean to, but I did. Now Bunker is laying on ground, his life’s blood spilling out onto the grass. I walk up to him and he tries to spit defiance, but all that comes up is more blood. His breathing has become shallow and he chokes out his final words, “Useless...useless….”

Then he exhales one last time and his head falls to one side. His eyes have gone dim. I hear chuckling in my head. ‘Good...good. Use this anger. Use it! You will need it later young one. This wrath will get you through this war. Now use this anger and finish off the Prodigy. Do it!’ The voice of Discord falls silent.

I turn and I see another pony standing there. He is surrounded by a heavenly light. The pony is the angelic Seaswirl. “No Blue. You cannot kill Prodigy. It is not yet his time. You will just have to wait. Look for yourself.”

He turns allowing me to see behind him. Prodigy is gone. “What trickery is this? You cannot control life and death Sea. It’s unnatural! Now bring him back.”

“No Blue I shall not. Now I have more important things to do than argue with you,” He walks past me. He stops right in front of the body of Bunker, “Darkstar, rise from your last resting place.” He says.

“What are doing? Trying to bring him back to life?” My tone is dry and snide, “I will keep telling you that you can’t just bring ponies back to life.”

“I’m not trying to bring him back, love.” He spits the last word like it was poison on his tongue, “I’m going to rouse his soul. He will be put on trial in Heaven. Bunker here is a special case as he is in a grey area. He sinned, but he may still have good heart. Now Darkstar rise!”

Then a mist starts flowing out of Bunker’s still body. The mist is pure white and shines in the sun. Soon the mist forms the silhouette of a pony. Soon that silhouette turns into a pony that looks identical to Bunker. The soul of Bunker looks directly at me, his gaze leaves a deep pain inside my chest. As if his eyes are burning into my soul. “Do you feel that Blue?” Sea asks, “That’s the guilt of seeing the one that you have killed. You killed him, you were merciless. He hates you, and he will hate you for the rest of eternity. He won the fight. You used cowardly methods to kill him. Just as you did with Unknown and many other ponies before him.”

I stamp my right front hoof on the ground. “I am not a coward. You hide behind your heavenly glory and intervene with things you shouldn’t Sea. You cannot control the events in this war. You died, you should move on. Be gone with you!”

“Oh? And you are going to stop me from stopping death. Last I checked your strength is being sapped by a hellish poison. You’ll be dead in about…” he hesitates, “Oh an hour, maybe two. The poison taken from the depths of Tartarus. The blades were dipped in it so they could vanquish any foe, even if the enemy had not received a fatal wound. Now, if you want the antidote, I’m afraid I cannot give it to you. You see I’m not allowed to interfere with life and death, at least according to you. Now I’m going to take Bunker to the court of the afterlife. I shall await your judgement day with much excitement Blue. You have slipped through the cracks once. You shall never do it again. Blue you will die here, at this very spot. I see it. There are two timelines, one where you die here in a few hours, and another were you die here in a few years. We shall see which one is correct.”

He then fades away with Bunker’s soul doing the same. The last thing to disappear from Sea’s body is his smile. His terrible, malicious smile. It burns like a lash. Sea has completely lost his love for me. It is no more. He no longer supports me. Now he’s trying to undermine me. This chess game continues, played on a board of dead bodies and rivers of blood and sorrow.

‘Why do I care that he hates me?’ I ask myself, ‘He locked me away in Hell and threw away the key. He is nothing. Forget about him, and carry on.’

I struggle to my hooves. I need to find a peaceful place to lie down and drift into a peaceful, irreversible sleep. I start to walk, but am interrupted by a certain lord of Chaos teleporting in front of me. “Oh now, now. What’s got ya down, kiddo?” Discord chides sarcastically, “Come on why so blue, Blue? Did ol’ meanie Prodigy slash you up? Can’t take a little bit of Hell Viper poison in your veins. Aww come on, I know most ponies cannot last for more than a few hours after exposure to it, but I thought you were special.”

I look up at him, and try to think of a retort, but my mind has been addled by the poison and I cannot think clearly. “What the matter, Blue? Prodigy got your tongue?” He chuckles his chuckle, “I do not want to lose such a promising plaything so early. You and me were gonna go places. You stick with me kid and we’re going places. But no. You just HAD to go out and try to kill Prodigy, and you just HAD to get infected with Hell Viper venom.”

I finally am able to formulate a sentence, “” I am barely able to choke out the sentence.

“What? I told you nothing of the sort. I had nothing to do with it. Would an angelic creature of chaos like myself do such a thing?” He snaps his fingers and a halo materializes above his head, “Now, enough dilly-dallying. We need to get rid of that pesky venom in your blood don’t we?”

I weakly nod my head. “The problem is that I cannot fully cure it, but I do have some influence over it. As I originated from Hell, so did the venom. This means I can influence it a little. I can slow the posion’s progression down quite a bit. Now…” He snaps his fingers again and now he is wearing a nurse’s hat and a medical mask is tied over his mouth, “...let’s see what we can do about this problem.”

He snaps his fingers again, and I instantly feel the pain relax. It’s still there, but it has been dumbed down quite a bit. My mind quickly is revived. I can speak without a ridiculous amount of effort needed. “What did you do?” I ask Discord.

“Well you see. The Hell Viper poison doesn’t just attach to your body. It attaches to your soul. It doesn’t corrode your soul, but it cannot be removed through ordinary anti-venom medicine. It’s soulbound, much like the knives that dealt this to you. They also are latched to the user’s soul. Now with a soulbound poison there is only one antidote to the Hell Viper poison. Kill the pony or creature that infected you with the poison. If you had been directly infected by the Viper itself, you would have one hell of a time trying to vanquish it while having your strength tapped by the venom it has infected you with. But if you have been infected indirectly, and you have had the poison slowed. Then it become quite a bit easier to cure yourself.”

I think about this for a second. ‘Well,’ I think to myself, ‘it appears that I have one more reason to kill the UnknownProdigy.’

I run back to the old Lunar camp, trying to find my faction’s trail.

End Chapter 22


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