This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actual blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, (fanservice), and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

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Begin Chapter 25

A quest, a mission, whatever they called it I knew exactly what it was. An assassination. They wanted me to go and kill the Lunar leader to end the war. I should have felt pleased at the thought of being able to do in my sworn enemy, but once again the bullet in my chest keeps burning. Just when I have thought I can get over my guilt, the burning comes back with a vengeance. The burning sensation deep in my gut will probably never leave me, for however longer I live. I say this to myself as I fear this mission will end my life. It’s not like I can just walk straight through the guards of the Lunars. I’ve seen the outer wall of their camp. It’s guarded heavily. I’ll never be able to sneak through unseen. I may be able to sneak through small groups, but that wall of defense that the Lunars have set up is too dense. I’ll have to find a different way in.

First I have to get some advice. Not from Sea, not from anyone that is dead. I need some help from an actual living breathing pony. Since I can no longer consoul with any of the Solars, I must find one that is not on either side. There really is only one pony.

*      *      *

“So, the Sun worshippers sent you out on a suicide mission?” Shadow sneers, “How distasteful of them. Obviously they don’t care very much about you. I would leave that ridiculous cause the first chance if I were you. When you die they will just go on without even caring. Trust me, I’ve seen this before. They use you and then toss you aside like trash.”

I glower at Shadow. Sure he was a great friend back in the days at Grieta, but he was always so distrusting of everyone. He didn’t even trust his own brothers in arms. The only soul he trusted was me, and that just showed how much his trust was misplaced. “The Solars sent me on this mission for a reason. They have faith in me, they know I’m the only pony that can pull it off.”

Shadow snorts dismissively. “A gift from Heaven then? HA! They are using you, Prodigy. Do not trust the sun...It will end up burning you.”

“Here, let me tell you something. This mission is important. If I can complete the mission and come back to tell the tale, they will trust me wholeheartedly. If I can get their trust, I can get them to bend to my will. I will gained more power than you could even fathom with your small army.”

Shadow glares at me. “Are you calling my army weak?”

I realize that maybe I should have filtered by words a tad better. “N-no. I didn’t mean that all.”

“Really? Because that is exactly how you sound. If you are only here to insult my army, then I suggest you leave. And for me being weak, I will show who is truly weak. Watch your back, UnknownProdigy. Because if you don’t….you may end up with a knife in your back.” He turns to his guards, “Escort Prodigy here out. His audience with me is over."

The two sentries shoulder their weapons and grab me by forelegs. “You lost an ally on this day, Prodigy. I will attack you where you are weakest. I know you and your “friends” well enough to know how to defeat you. The Rebellion will crush you.” He looks at his guards. “Toss him out.”

The guards nod and, giving out grunts of effort, fling me out of the front of the tent. I sail a few feet and crash to the ground. I must have bite my tongue when I hit the ground, as I can taste blood. “He can’t possible harm the Solars. They are much too powerful for him to possible harm.”

Even as I say this, I doubt it. The Rebels were able to kill hundreds with mortar strikes, something that no one thought they had the ability to do. They are dynamic and dangerous, despite their pitiful size. Despite losing both their leader and second-in-command, Shadow has been able to lead them with stunning power and consistency. His tactics include picking off officers with sharpshooters, espionage, and a few other sneaky tactics. He has giving both Grovyle and Candlekeeper many sleepless nights. They protect one strategy, but he hits them with something else that they have never seen before.

‘Stop worrying about things you can no longer control,’ I tell myself, ‘You have a mission to complete.’

So I trot out of the Rebels’ camp, a sheepdog in tow and a bullet slowly working its way to my heart.

*      *      *

Some people say when preparing for a battle, they look at a picture of a loved one. I do not have such a luxury. All the loved ones that I had, were taken away from me one by one. The curse of the knives said that I would never be truly happy ever again. So far, it has held true.

When I’m about to reach the makeshift wall the Lunars have set up around their perimeter, I draw my twin blades. I look down at them, staring at the dried flakes of blood that mar the beautiful blades. They should be on display somewhere, not in the hooves of me. They only thing I have done with these blades is bring pain, and that is all they have ever wrought in their extremely long life. Someday, I hope that someone will put them in a display case and use them only for show. They have brought too much sorrow and woe due to many users it has snared. The Blades of Holy Destruction, that is what they are called. Their name fits, as all they do is destroy lives. I’m sure that wasn’t their original purpose, but that is what it is now.

I can see the wall now, multiple torches allowing me to see a few sections of the ramshackled wall. It has been bombed, sieged, and attacked on multiple occasions, yet it still stands. On top of the wall I see a few front facing sentry towers, there will be sharpshooters in those towers, ready to peg any suspicious entity that gets too close. It will not be a simple task to make it through one of the various cracks in the wall without being spotted. So, while I’m out of earshot of their snipers, I pull out my walkie talkie. “Hello? Does anypony come in?”

I let go of the button and wait. A few seconds go by and then I hear the grainy voice of Candlekeeper come in over the static. “Yes, Prodigy we read you.”

“Well this is Big Blue, I’m sitting here overlooking The Gopher Nest. I have visual on the Great Wall. Should I advance, Hot Head?”

I hear nothing but silence. Then Candle’s voice returns, “What?”

“I’m asking if I should advance Hot Head. If you don’t have an answer, get Stick in the Mud on the radio.”

Candle must have forgotten to do this out of earshot of Grovyle as when Candle is about to respond I hear a faint voice shouting, “What did he just call me!?”

A few seconds later, I hear Grovyle’s obvious annoyed voice comes over the static of the radio. “Now see here! You are to go into the Lunars’ camp and take out EpicLuna. Enough with the petty insults and get !”

I just clip the walkie-talkie back to my belt and don’t respond. “Damn Grovyle. He takes my eye and then he thinks he can stop me from having a little of fun. He’s such a square.” I begin to sidle through the towering grass around the camp. I eventually reach the point where the grass begins to thin and shrink. Knowing divulging myself by walking out of the grass will get me a bullet in the brain. Pondering my situation I come up with a possible solution. I draw my Colt Python revolver and attach a silencer to the barrel. I levitate it in front of myself and look down the sights. The iron sights do not allow much error and I can barely see the sniper on the closest tower.

Discouraged slightly I begin to steal myself back into the dense grass when I suddenly come up with something. I unstrap the fourth and final sheath on the inside of my legs. I pull out a .44 pistol. I take out a scope and toil with the screws for a time. Finally, I secure the optic over the firearm’s iron sights. I attach the suppressor to the barrel and look down the scope. I can see the sniper sitting in his tower. He appears to be completely idle, he may be sleeping. I look at the other near tower and see that the sharpshooter isn’t looking my way.

I think about shooting the near sharpshooter but decide against it. I can get into the tower without being spotted. I sneak out of the grass and start to make my way to the first tower. I do this as quickly as possible and after what seems like an eternity I reach the sentry tower. I reach into my pack and pull out a grappling hook. I swing it around my head and toss the hook. It latches onto the ledge. I test the line and it holds fast. I pull out some more rope and start making knots in the rope. Eventually, I have strapped myself in and I begin to hoist myself up the tower.

After a few minutes I reach the top. I steal a look over the ledge and see the sharpshooter is actually sleeping on the job. I chuckle under my breath and start to hoist myself over the side. As I am about over the side when my leg bumps into a loose stone. The stone is forced out and it plummets to the ground, hitting the side of the wall multiple times. I hear a shout and a gunshot rings throughout the night. Soon it is followed by the sound of sniper fire. A few bullets hit the inside of the tower I am occupying, miraculously, none of them tag me. Unfortunately, the guard in this tower wakes and yelps in surprise as he sees me. He reaches for his pistol and is about to pull it up to eye level when I draw my Python, pull the hammer back, and put a bullet right between his eyes. The crashing sound of the revolver rejuvenates the snipers and they fire another volley of bullets.

I swipe the dead sharpshooter’s rifle and check to see if a bullet has been loaded into the chamber. I switch of the safety and bring the optic up to my right eye. I close my left eye and position the crosshairs just over the first sniper’s head and slowly pull the trigger. The sharpshooter is hit by the bullet right in his chest and he falls. I pull the bolt action back and push it back forward, forcing another bullet into the chamber. I aim for another sniper. Fire. Reload. Aim. Fire. Reload. Aim. Fire. Sniper fall like leaves in the fall. I barely even notice the mercenaries that begin to scale my wall until one is already in the room. I turn around and whip out my revolver. I put one bullet in his front leg as I didn’t have the time to aim. The second bullet hits home. Another soldier charges me from the left. I roll out of his way and put a bullet in his flank. He run a little farther, then falls to the ground, his breath rattling as he fights for his last few breaths. Soon more soldiers stream in. I take another two down and I aim at another and pull the trigger. I hear the sound of a small click as the hammer strikes an empty chamber. I force open the chamber and see that I have run out of ammo. I pull a loaded quick reloader off my saddle bags and attempt to reload the revolver. Before I can the first soldier reaches me. He draws a knife and I draw one of mine. I parry his strike easily and lash the blade across his face. He falls backward, bleeding profusely from his muzzle. Apparently, he didn’t learn his lesson as he slashes at me again. I hook the blade on the barb of my knife and slam the end of my revolver on his foreleg. I hear a snap as his bone break and he lets out a scream of pain and falls to the ground, passing out from shock.

The other soldiers look down at their hapless comrade as I reload my revolver and put a bullet in the head of the injured Lunar. The army look from the body of their ally and then to me. I glower at them and shout. “WHO WILL CHALLENGE ME!”

An all too familiar voices sounds from the crowd. “I.”

The crowd parts to reveal EpicLuna. “You should not have returned, UnknownProdigy.” She draws her pitch black pistol and aims it at me. “I’ll have your head mounted on my wall.”

The gun sounds and I feel a bullet sink its way deep into my shoulder. I try to shrug off the pain, but it is intense. I manage to stay on all fours as Epic sets the hammer of her weapon again. She raises it for the second time and looks down the sights. “This time…”

...This time I react quicker. I bring my revolver up to eye level and then we stand there, pistols raised, each aiming for the kill shots. We stand like statues, locked in a stalemate. Neither of us wanting to make the first move.

I’m about to pull the trigger when I feel the point of an arrow poke me in the neck. I turn and see Bluelighting has an arrow drawn and aimed right at my head. “Don’t even think about it, you cur.”

Her face is that of pure hatred. Her eyes are glittering with malice and hate, and her lips don a sneer. “So...what’s it going to be Prodigy?” Blue inquires, “Are you going to be slain from a bullet or from an arrow. Your choice.”

I look at Epic and a plan begins to formulate in my mind. I glance back at Bluelighting and I say, “Neither.”

I kick out with my front foreleg knocking the bow out of her magical grip. Epic’s gun sounds again, but the bullet is wide of the mark. I swiftly draw my revolver and return fire. Once the echo of the gunshot clears the air, all I hear is deathly silence. I look down at Blue and I see that she is no longer even gazing in my direction. Instead she is looking at the origin of Epic’s bullets. I swivel my head and I see why silence has fallen over the wall outside of the Lunar camp. I see the broken body of EpicLuna, a small hole set in her skull, right between her glassy, dead eyes.

Blue stays silent for a few seconds and then she slowly turn back to me. In a hushed tone she says, “Run...before I rip you to shreds.”

Her face is steely, giving away no emotion. I quickly back up to the edge of the tower and glance down. I look back at Blue and see her readying her most frightening type of arrow. The barbed, expanding tipped arrow is nocked on the bowstring swiftly. She raises the bow and looks down the shaft, preparing to let the arrow fly, with the intent of tearing through my living flesh. She once again says, “Run. That is what you are best at.”

She lets the arrow fly and I feel it hit me right in my chest, the arrow’s barbs snap outward, causing immense amounts of pain. I stagger backwards, and stumble over the edge of the tower. I feel myself fall over and I can hear the whistle of wind as my living corpse rushing towards the ground. I hit the ground and I feel all of the air rush out me. I instantly lose consciousness and fade off into a deep, forced sleep.

* * *

I finally wake, many hours after the incident. I know that a substantial amount of time has passed as the sun is over the horizon now. It appears to be only an hour after dawn. I slowly drag myself to my feet, I feel pain screaming in my chest. Everytime I breath a sharp pain cuts through my chest. I must have broken a rib or two. I examine my extremities, taking note that there appears to be no breaks, but I have a significant sized hole gaping in my shoulder. I try to clear my head of the pain.

I take a single step forward. I feel a tight, tugging pain in my chest, where the barbed arrow is located. The shaft protrudes from my chest, blood welling up around the point in which the shaft meets the tip. Knowing full well that I cannot walk through rough terrain with an arrow in my chest, I draw my knife. I limb over to a tree and, using my magic, snap a low-lying branch off the tree. I levitate it to my mouth and clamp my teeth around it. I take my knife and begin to slide the blade into the wound. I clamp my teeth down harder on the branch, trying to dull the pain. I begin working the knife in the wound, trying to dig out the barbed tip. The branch begins to crack and splinter. Finally after some time, I hook one of the segments of the arrowhead with the barb in my knife. Knowing I will need to shift the arrowhead inside of myself, I pull out my other dagger and hack off the shaft. I begin to shift the arrowhead so I can pull it out of the wound without having to gouge myself any farther. Finally I’ve shifted it enough so that it is vertical rather than horizontal to the opening in my flesh. I slowly begin to drag the tip out and the branch in my mouth snaps in half. I quickly take the shaft of the arrow and use that as substitute.

After many agonizing minutes, the entire blood stained arrowhead is out of my chest. I set it on the ground and quickly rummage through my pack. I pull out gauze and cotton pads. Knowing that this will be a very temporary fix, I quickly set off after I am done wrapping the wound. I take the arrowhead with me, like some sort of bloodstained souvenir and head off in a slow gallop back to base camp.

Despite all of the pain, I do not stop to rest. After only a few minutes the blood has soaked through the gauze and I know that if I am not swift I will bleed out. I continue to gallop back to camp and after an hour of pain and my blood dotting the ground, I reach the Solars’ camp. I’m light-headed and woozy from blood loss, but I maintain my balance. I canter through the gates and I am immediately met by the Solar leaders. Meester Tweester steals off to my left and begins taking notes and snapping pictures. Grovyle and Candlekeeper are the first two to meet me. Grovyle speaks first, “Sweet Celestia, what happened to you?”

I am about to pass out, but I am able to respond. “I-I was spotted, I had to fight off the entire Lunar army...I…"

“YOU WHAT!?” Candle interjects, “How did you make it out of there alive!?”

“L-let me finish,” I respond, “I bring good news...EpicLuna...I killed her, she’s dead.”

This throws the entire congregation into a frenzy and finally I give way to my nausea and fall to the ground. Nurse Redheart rushes through the crowd, “Out of my way! He’s gravely injured.”

The crowd parts for her and she reaches me. She helps me back up to all fours and makes a ticking sound with her tongue. “What hit you here?” She gestures at the bandaged wound in my chest.

“One of Blue’s expanding tipped arrows.”

She lets out a small gasp, “Those things are inhumane, they need to be barred from wars.”

“Sorry to say this Redheart, but I think Blue would keep using them, even if they were banned.”

Redheart doesn’t respond, she just guides me to the medical tent. I look back at the Solars, still shouting at the news that EpicLuna has been slain. I laugh to myself and allow Redheart to lead me into the tent that smells of saline and medicine.

* * *

(Epic’s POV)

I wake again. I glance around at my surroundings. All I see is blackness, a never ending inky black. I look out on the horizon and I see a small light in the darkness. I trot forward towards the inticing light. I hear faint voices, melodic and alluring, drawing me forward. My legs slowly propel me forward. I blunder towards the light, almost tripping over my own hooves. I regain my balance and after what seems like eternity I finally reach the light. When I reach the door of light, I fall. I try to pull myself back up. I can’t. I look up and gaze into the blinding white light and see outlines of ponies looking down at me.

One of figures slowly walks forward, “Welcome, EpicLuna. Welcome to Paradise.”

End Chapter 25


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Writer- UnknownProdigy

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