Begin Chapter 2

After his very dramatic entrance, The Candlekeeper proved to be a very friendly pony. He seemed to be one of those people who could be serious one moment and then be completely calm. I reasoned this, because during his debrief of the current situation, he would periodically pause and crack jokes. Maybe he was just trying to keep us calm, and considering we were in the midst of a war that could become the first ever Equestria World War.


“The armies of the other causes have withdrawn for the time being. I believe that we will be fighting again by the time you raise the Sun in the morning. Also, I do have a casualty report. It seems a few of the weaker armies have been crushed like flies. It seems Flash Sentry’s army and Snips and Snails’ army have both fallen to a unyielding frontal attack. Besides them there have been many casualties; 51 to be exact.”





End Chapter 2


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