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Begin Chapter 32

(Blue's POV)

The rain continues to patter on the already swollen earth. It continues to fall from the sky, striking and soaking everything in sight. Nothing can escape the onslaught of liquid that assaults all and discriminates against none. I look up to the sky and the heavy drops sting my eyes, but I no longer flinch from them. There is no pain from the cold shock they grant me, only a dull ache. Ridding myself of mortal sensation is part of the training, part of the condition that I am being put through. Discord doesn't want weaklings fighting for him. He wants those that will never be shaken, those that will never back down from any challenge. He wants those that are willing to rid themselves of what makes them mortal and become some other subspecies. I am not mortal anymore, but I am not immortal either. I am a different thing altogether, something new. Something stuck in the limbo between infinite life and the fragility of a mortal’s body.

I plod through the mud, knowing full well that there is no home to go back to. The Solars have destroyed it by now, I’m sure. If they haven’t, then it is on the brink of failing. The Lunars needn’t worry about me...if there are any Lunars left. It doesn’t matter, I won’t need them anyway. They only held me back, never allowing me to stride out and go through with my plans. They were weak and expendable. They are all better off dead.

I once again look out at the dark, grey horizon. I’ve been trotting along for quite some time now. He told me that he would meet me soon, but I do not know what his idea of soon is. It could mean a few hours or a few centuries; it can tough to tell with immortals.

The area around me is barren and dead. The war has poisoned the very earth and kill anything that lives off its sustenance. I don’t care anymore though. The world can die for all I care, so long as that I can walk upon its ruins and live to see the sun go to black and for everything to crumble to dust. I will walk the plain of existence until the day the universe finally winks out and everything fades to nothingness. I will know all and I shall see all. I shall be immortal and I can finally smite down any that dare stand in my path to domination of everything.

My ambitious thoughts are interrupted by a snap. Something that sounds like a flag suddenly being pulled erect by an instantaneous gust of wind. I turn around briskly to see the tall, lanky, mismatched Spirit of Chaos standing in stark contrast to the dull sky. “Good evenin’, Bluelighting. Glad you finally showed up.”

I sneer at Discord. “I’m late? You were the one that kept me waiting!”

Discord just laughs his dismissive laugh and looks down at me. “No matter. We are both here now. I do have to say, Blue...Can I call you Blue?”

I just snarl at him. He smiles. “I’ll take that as a yes. Anyway, I’m surprised with your performance so far. You may not be as weak as I had first thought. You could be a fine subject for me and my army.”

I just give him another glare. “Ah, I had forgotten to mention. You aren’t the only pony that I have, I mean convinced to relinquish their souls to me. There are many, many who follow my command. You are just my favorite.”

I snort. “What an honor.”

Discord wiggles his talon at me. “Now, now. Don’t get testy with me, young lady.” “I’m not young, I’m-”

“You are young to me. Another quirk of being my servant is that you stay forever young! Isn’t that great. Unless you die in battle, of course. I can’t have you being completely invincible, now can I?”

“What happens if I do, in fact, die in battle?”

Discord gives that devilish grin of his. “Why, I get to keep you forever, of course. What do you think selling your eternal soul to me would entail? I get to make you part of my essence. Your life force will add to my power. It’s actually a great honor.”

I sigh. “Yeah, it sounds like it is,” I roll my eyes, “Anyway, what’s the plan, Discord?”

Discord looks at me strangely. “The plan? Oh, Bluelighting, so naive. There is no plan! What would the point of that? Plans always go awry anyway. There’s no purpose to one if we are just going to go off the beaten path anyway.”

“How do you know we are going to go off the beaten path?”

Discord just gives that merry, jovial laugh of his. “Because, Bluelighting, all ponies do. You are no different from all of them.”

“Of course I am. I am far superior to those worms that call themselves worthy of Celestia’s guidance.”

Discord’s eyes just glisten with amusement. “Really? Is that so Bluelighting. Well, I’m glad to hear such confidence from you.”

Discord snaps his fingers, and pain suddenly washes over my entire body. The shock is so sudden that I fall to the ground in pain and surprise. Discord hovers over me and watches me writhe in pain. He chuckles maliciously. “Do you feel that, Bulelighting? That is your weakness, your Achilles’ Heel, your weak point. That is the poison running through your veins; poison that only I can hold at bay. You are no more immortal than that tiny foal you slew not a day ago. Kudos for that, by the way. I always love watching Prodigy sulk and be in misery. It brings me happiness in these bleak times.”

I snarl in pain. “That makes two of us.”

Discord guffaws loudly, filling the cold air with his laughter. “In excruciating pain and you can still joke about things. That’s what I like about you, Bluelighting. You’ve got...determination...or something of that nature. Sorry, I’m not one for eloquent speeches. I do not fuss about with such things. Anyway, the goal of the mission was to demoralize Prodigy, and you did just that. For that I reward you.”

I groan again. “What’ reward?”

Discord laughs and sits on a chair that has risen from the ground, made of a mismatch of tree roots and sod. “Why, you get to stop being in pain.”

The pain caused by the poison dissipates. I let out a sigh of relief. “And what else do I get?”

Discord just smiles at the mare. “What else? That was it, Bluelighting. That is all you receive today.”

“WHAT!? Why, I should tear that smile right off your face.”

“Uh uh uh, now, now, calm down. You will get a grand reward as soon as the final mission is complete. We talked about this, remember?”

I look up at Discord. “Yes, we did. Slaying Prodigy is the final mission, the one for all of the marbles.”

Discord nods. “Precisely, and once you kill that upstart, you shall have the immortality you deserve. Only when you have killed Prodigy.”

I just sigh. “That is a difficult task, and you know it. He is heavily protected by the Solars. Without an army, I will not be able to siege the camp fully and take my reward: The head of the UnknownProdigy. I will be celebrated in legends all across the lands. I will be celebrated as Bluelighting, Slayer of the Reaper. Bluelighting, The Ender of the Prodigy of Death. I shall become immortal not only in physical form, but in the form of all ponies. I shall become undying in the memories of all. I shall live for thousands of years in the collective minds. I shall become a god!”

I let loose an insane, musical bit of laughter that slashes through the cool, autumn air. Discord joins me in the laugh. “Oh, Bluelighting, you are absolutely insane. Hey, that’s a good thing though. Insane people are my favorite kind of people. After all, madness does truly love company. Now then, you need to figure out how you are to go about challenging Prodigy to the right to live on this Celestiaforsaken rock. You said you’d need an army? Make an army then. There are plenty of stragglers that you could recruit for one last grand attack on the Solars. You could tear down their camp still. Never give up on your goals. If you do, you are just like one of them. You don’t want to become like them, right?”

“Of course I don’t want to be like those inferior worms! They are beneath me. I could destroy them in a single swipe.”

Discord grins coldly. “Good. That is what I like to hear from my subjects. Murder, death, chaos in general. Such a beautiful art it is. Don’t you think so?”

I look at the desolate landscape that is lain out before me. It is beautiful, like a canvas that it nearly fully painted, but has not quite reached the pinnacle of what it could be. It has a potential to it. It will soon be finished however, as I plan to bring forth the destruction of all the fighters in this war. A war that has allowed me to find my true self. The bloodlust that pumps through me, the want to vanquish all of those that are against me. It is such a great feeling. The feeling of insanity and war. It is intoxicating, I am drunk with it. I look back at Discord, his grin filled with amusement and malice. It was the face of pure unadulterated insanity. I loved it. Someone to share the insanity of the world with. Sea is long gone, but he wouldn’t have approved of any of my actions anyhow. He would have scolded me for my actions, as he is now from beyond the grave. I haven’t heard from him in some months. Maybe he has found it trivial to berate something that is beyond changing. Or maybe he is too busy with his other plaything. Sea is delusional, thinking that he can just pull the strings of the living and change the very fate of the world. I will prove him wrong. I will prove them all wrong. “Yes, I do think so.”

Discord laughs his crazed laugh. “I thought so. Now, then. Go. Head to the horizons and recruit for the name of Chaos. There are ponies out there who will most certainly follow a leader such as yourself. You are strong, full of vigor, and you are determined. Determination is the greatest aspect of a leader. Without it, you are nothing more than a common pony with no reason to lead. Now then, let us go. We have a lot of recruiting to do. I suggest looking through this wasteland that once was a paradise. There are many stragglers, some were once Lunars, others never had allegiance to a cause. Find them, and make them one with your cause. Go.”

Discord disappears in a flash of light, leaving me alone. I stare out and look at the vast destruction before me. Nothing decent remains in this world, so why should I remain moral? I will end the miserable existence of Silverheart. I will end him, and everything that he stands for. I look out at the rising sun and sneer. Another day, another day that I have failed at my goal. I walk down the slight slope, and head across the plane. Nothing will stand in my way, not even the greatest foes. Nothing. The sun radiates off the plane of death I walk. Soon, another of my foes shall join the dust of the slain.

End Chapter 32


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