Beginning of Chapter One

Everything began one day that promised to the best one in ages. I had the day off for once as my sister decided to go down to Ponyville to help Twilight out with her friendship lesson that day. I was sitting on my sofa looking through old letters, reliving old memories. If only I would know that my day would go to hell pretty quick soon after.

I was reading the letter Twilight and her friends sent me after her nervous breakdown, when I heard a tapping on the door. It was one of my royal gaurds. I let him in and preceeded to ask what he wanted. He replied, "There seems to be some sort of a disturbance in Ponyville,"

"What", I shrieked, "Ponyville!"

I quick ran past him down to the main meeting room. I saw all of my adivsors gathered around the table. I knew most of them, but one them was completely new to me, a hooded pony was leaning against the wall in the corner. I addressed the council and they filled me in on the situation. They reported many incidents of riots and violence in Ponyville and the surronding area. "Ok we need to send as many gaurds there as possible," I began, "then we can surpress this threat and everything will be-."

"Pssh," snorted the hooded figure, "Ok you have good luck stopping what will soon become a full on war. I've been to Ponyville just a few hours ago, this is no small riot. A few ponies decided they want to see who is better than the other. They started gathering followers and are now attacking each other. You need my to help you come out the victor in this war."

He put his hood down revealing a mint-green pony underneath with a darker green mane. "W-who are you?" I asked.

"Ah that's not important but for now I suppose you could call me... Guildmaster Grovyle." He said dramatically.

He then began telling me that we should head on down to Ponyville to observe the current "war" that was going on. While we were walking down to the train he began talking about war strategy and the importance of alliences with other "factions". He also asked me what our faction's name would be. 

"I know it's not that important but a cool name and a sweet looking emblem make a faction whole," Grovyle said, "I was thinking about something like 'The Light After Darkness' or something like that."

"No! It should be called...'The Solar Empire' and our soilders should be called the 'Light Calvary'. I think that fits our cause very well. Keeping the sun alive for all eternity. Never yielding."

"Hmm. 'The Solar Empire' huh. Not the best name I've heard but I like it. It fits." 

We soon arrived at the train station and boarded a train to Ponyville. It was a long and quiet ride to Ponyville, neither of us speaking to one another. It gave me time to think about what may happen. What if one of the element bearers was dead? What if the town had burned to the ground? What if the farms had been destroyed leaving everyone to starve? The outlook did not look good for anyone. 

When we began to get close to Ponyville, I saw that Grovyle was right. There was in fact smoke bellowing out of Ponyville. I began to pray to someone, only to realize that there was no one to pray to but myself. Typical. Grovyle was also had a grim expression on his face. He then tossed me what looked like a gun. "Here you'll need this to protect yourself," He said, "we don't know what may be out there trying to kill us."

I took the gun and gingerly reloading. I had never used one before and never intended to do so. Espcially not on my own subjects. "You know how to shoot it?" Grovyle asked.

"Of course I know how!" I retorted, "I'm not that big of a novice to firearms,"

"Just checking."

When we pulled into the Ponyville train station and saw the fighting before us. A few bodies littered the ground and much of the architecture in the area had been razed and burned to the ground. Though the actually fighting was a few hundred yards farther. I saw many ponies, but the one that stuck out to me was a certain magenta pony, with a purple mane that had a pink stripe, Princess Twilight Sparkle. I saw many others, Shining Armor, Cadence, Sombra back from the grave, Discord, and all of Twilight's friends. There friendship was gone. They were now bitter rivals, it made me tear up just looking at it. 

Then I heard a crack of thunder and looked up to see a night sky blue alicorn descend from the clouds. "Citizens of Ponyville. I demand that you yield to me and crown me the victor of this struggle for power. For I am the true princess of Equestria." Luna bellowed.

"Are you sure about that sis, "I yelled.

Luna whirled around, dumbfounded to see me standing there. "You-. Epicluna dispatch the Sun Princess before she can challenge me." Luna ordered.

From the crowd came yet another hooded figure weilding two deadly sharp looking knives. "You are an enemy of 'The New Lunar Republic'. You must die." 

She leaped at me, knives drawn. I sidestepped but she was to fast. She grappled my neck and pressed one of her knives agianst my neck. "Any last words, Princess," She spat that word like it was poison against her lips.

Then the knives weren't pressing against my throat. I looked and saw that Epicluna had been thrown aside by another pony. A red and blue pegasus had crashed into her knocking him off. "Be gone!" He boomed, "This isn't the time for the battle of the Sun and the Moon. You must wait until the time is right." 

Epicluna got up and ran back into the crowd, muttering curses under her breath. The mystery pony looked towards me and asked if I was all right. "I'm fine, thank you for saving me," I said, " Now may I ask, who are you?"

"My name? I've been know by many names, "He said, "Though the one I perfer the most is... The Candlekeeper, the keeper of the light even in infinite blackness."

End Chapter One

Author's Note

Yes! I finally got off my lazy butt and finished the first chapter of this probably 20 chapter long epic. (yay...) Speaking of elipsis, they will often be used before major plot point or plot twist (i.e, The hooded figure bringing me a med kit was... UnknownProdigy!) just kind of a personal touch that I put into other unfinished fanfics of mine. If you don't like it I can always just stop doing it. Anyway thanks for reading

UP, out. 

P.S. Oh BTW the whole "Nameless War" thing comes from a comment that Grovyle posted near the end of the blog's life. 

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