The Title is actually Darkness Clouding the Keeper of Light, I suck at spelling


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Author's Note

Before this even begins, yes I will be toying around with different POVs and such. I did give you guys a hint to that in my UP's Tips to Writing Fanfics blog. Also there will be many different characters in this fiction. I have arcs for Candle, Grovyle, myself, Bunker, Boushh, Blue, Epic, UT, Meester, and maybe a few others planned. So yeah that 20 chapters I said this would have earlier was a lie. Maybe 35-50 is more on the mark. So yeah happy reading.

Begin Chapter 3

(Candle's POV)

After telling Celestia about the War at the Rift, I just needed some time to think. I could not get him out of my mind. The one who had haunted my dreams for many nights in the last years. UnknownProdigy was one pony you did not want to get into a fight with. He was very skilled with those knives, and rarely showed mercy. Actually I don’t think he ever showed mercy. He was a great soldier I’ll give him that, but his mind was corrupted by the Deathly Trio and their ideals. He hated all of them, especially that coward Crystal Blue. She was originally a highly ranked guard of that village. When the Ninpundists showed up at the village’s walls she was the first pony to go out to meet them. She was unconvinced by their leaders, Hystericaldominolego and UglyTurtle, and she had stated that she would rather die than join them.


Well maybe they had taken it too seriously as that statement caused quite a bit of unrest in the ranks. I remember it too well, because of course I was there. I saw it all from my tent in the Ninpundo encampment. They had come to my village, a place called Abrigo Seguro that worshipped a very different God than those of the Ninpundo faith. After most of us refused to join them, they burned our village to the ground and then stormed the village killing anyone on their path. They killed all but one, a younger male pony, maybe no older than fourteen. They had killed all the Keeper of the Light, but me. I was the last of my kind, the last of the Candlekeepers.


I had pretended to follow their ways; going through their ceremonies and holidays. I managed to convince them that I was one of them, but truthfully I never let go of my roots. I secretly kept my faith and still gained the Ninpundists trust. Then after we reached the Village at the Rift, as we called it, and they had refused our offer. Some ponies began talking about the true philosophy of the Uglyism should always to kill those who don’t follow the light. I heard all of this from my tent, and I had begun to think that maybe this is what had happened before they had burned our village down. I had read the books and they spoke of Uglyism being a philosophy of peace, not war and destruction. It wasn’t the philosophy that was violent; its followers were the really cause of all the bloodshed. Eventually they pushed UglyTurtle to the breaking point and he had to declare war on the village. So began the War at the Rift.


I snap out of my flashback to realize that the Sun is high in the sky, and the sound of gunshots and metal on metal fill the air. Then as quickly as it begins it all stops; as if they had all been stopped by some unworldly force. I peer outside to see Celestia and Grovyle standing very still with their jaws wide open in shock. “What? What is it?” I ask, “Why has everyone stopped fighting?”


I only get one word in response. “Prodigy.” Grovyle says in a very hushed whisper.


At first I think that maybe he got hit on the head to hard. Those thoughts are put to rest very quickly when I see the pony of my nightmares standing on the roof of one of the ruined houses. He is dressed in a dark hooded robe. At his sides are the knives of nightmares, stained red from those he had killed. He also held his head rather high, as if he had gone a killing spree and was proud of it. His coat was a dark blue, and his mane was black. His eyes were a scary blue, a blue that you can’t look at for more than ten minutes without having to look away. I looked at the knives again, they were beautifully crafted and seemed to angelic to be used by this obviously evil pony. A revolver also hung from his side, which seemed rather odd to me. He rarely used guns that were for short range. He preferred using his knives and he had good reason too only use them. He also had a sniper rifle strapped to his back, possibly the same one that he had tried to kill me with. He was surveying the field; seemingly waiting for his time to pounce. Then he glanced over to where we were and his eyes locked with mine and I saw a slight smile show itself on his face. He deftly jumped off his perch and started trotting up to us. “Get your gun ready.” I whispered to Grovyle.


He fumbled for his weapon as if his hooves were blocks of ice. I also drew my weapon ready for Unknown to try something. He walked up to me and we locked eyes. He had a sneer across his dark blue face, as if he was enjoying my discomfort. It was like he could smell my fear, like a pack of wolves stalking a wounded animal. “Greetings mare and gentlecolts, how we all doing today?” he inquires.

- The last time I had heard him speak he had a very silky, almost sarcastic tone to his voice. Now it sounds like he has been inhaling smoke for fun, his voice has turned from smooth as silk to sharp as knives. He still has his sarcastic tone though. Of course he does. “Well if it isn’t my favorite pony, Candlekeeper. How have you been doing old buddy?” A cough racks his body. “Ah, this damn cough. I have that accursed war to blame for that. Got a bullet in my left lung. I managed to get to a field hospital and get healed. Now Grovyle and Celestia, could I borrow Candle for a moment? I promise I won’t kill him.”


I see Grovyle shoot me a look of concern, I know exactly what he is thinking. He thinks that Unknown is trying to separate and kill, oldest tactic in the book. Maybe Unknown is a little rusty. Although, maybe Unknown actually needed to talk to me. I looked at Grovyle and nodded my head to tell him I would be fine. I let him led me to a flat area overlooking the battlefield. The scene of the battle was truly gruesome. I saw many ponies lying dead on the grass. Some of them look like that had been killed maliciously. “Admiring my work are you Candlekeeper. I knew you would be fascinated by it. Still, those ponies that I slew are tiny minnows compared to my main target. Do you know who that is Candle? Well you should. You are the only pony that I was planning on killing during that war that got away from me. I had killed everyone else, but not you. I was stupid and sighted you wrong, but now you are right in front of me, just asking for it. Nevertheless, I am more honorable than that, my old friend. I will fight you in the proper way, when the time is right. It really doesn’t matter, because you will die at my hands in same way or another Candle. You cannot cheat Death forever.”

- “I can sure as hell try. Also, are you speaking of honor? What honor do you have? You are talking about honor when you would go behind your own leader and kill him. To me you are the most unhonorable pony I have ever met in my lifetime.” I shout, “So stop telling me about honor and tell me why you are really here.”


“Fine, I am just a messenger Candle. Epicluna and that dangerous Bluelighting want to have a conference with you. Something about a peaceful meeting. A complete waste if you ask me. Also I bring more news. You remember Bunker Guy and Crystal Blue right? Well they are also attending the meeting. Oh, you will also be very glad to hear who the special guest is. They are some old friends of your’s after all.” Unknown winks.


“What are you talki-” I begin.


Then I see a fairly large sized army marching underneath a rather familiar symbol. I also see another army marching towards them with a different emblem, one with a picture of the Celestial sister being killed. “The Ninpundists” I whisper “Not only that but there is another army led by another friend, Bunker Guy has started this group, I forgot the name, but they kind of want to kill all the royalty and send Equestria into anarchy. The Lunars will already be there to meet them. I would ready your Light Cavalry, this may get interesting.”

End Chapter Three

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