FANMADE Gamer Luna

This Picture represent that I don't care about the war and just want to play my video games


Well, I left the Lunar Republic for a reason, I must follow the strict orders of the leader, Republic, yeah ok. Anway the ninth faction is based around toppling the mane 6 (except Rarity for the time being), and after that if we succeed we will, attack the Swarm, We are now the ninth faction, in Candlekeeper's Hurt/Heal Blog  we must stay strong.


UnknownProdigy - Leader

SwagLuna- my brother


How to Join

Like most factions all you have to do is ask me in the comments if you want in.

Update Board

1. We are currently neutral to the the Lunars and Solars, so leave them alone for now, also we have a no alliance with the Crystal Empire, none with the Swarm either.

2. RD is no longer off limits, beat the crap out of her if you like.  Also, Cherilee since she's nearly down anyway

3. If you want to heal anypony I suggest healing either, Rarity or Discord.

4. The current Mane 6 Pony I have my sight on is Fluttershy, but if you want to you can attack any of the mane 6 (besides Rarity) you can.

5. If you attack Luna or Celestia were dead, 'nuff said. Also attacking Luna would mean betraying our alliance with them.

6. Also we are supporting Discord, since you know he's my favrotie antagonist 

7. If you have any questions or concerns, write them down in the comment section

8. If you want to to attack Luna or Celestia, you'll just have to wait ;)

9. Looks like the war is over. Still I have decided to stay allied with the Lunar Republic, The Diamond Dogs and Secrecy Under Oath. If Luna. Discord, and Rarity get low on health heal them.

10. I have decided to leave the Crystals alone for now. So hurt FS instead, or heal Discord

11. I'm tired of hurt/heal, to make it go faster I'm disbanding the alliance, so don't ask me if you want to join, it's over.

UnknownProdigy 17:38, August 2, 2013 (UTC)