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Ok so a lot of you remember back in like, October, when Meester Tweester said he was making a H/H fanfic. Well, I haven't seen that fanfic yet so I decided to make my own. So I hope you enjoy the prolouge to my tale. 


I gaze off into the horizon. The sun should have come up and it is, but I may be able to raise the sun, but I can’t clear the clouds. Well maybe not clouds, but more like a fog of war. Smoke and ash choke the air, as well as the feeling of absolute terror and sorrow. Here on our once beautiful land we fought a terrible bloody war, a pointless, futile power struggle where everyone is the loser.


I scan the battlefield looking for familiar faces. I see Candlekeeper, what a soldier, was my first in command until nearly the very end, until his mind was clouded by darkness. Guildmaster, now there’s loyal, stayed by my side and gave Candle moral support through this entire war and secured many useful alliances. I see Bluelighting and Epic Luna, my two greatest enemies, worthy opponents they were. I see Blue yelling at Epic for giving up on his cause after Luna fell to a massive attack led by the Solars. Epic mind clouded with doubt as his Republic crumbled around him. Blue, disappointed in her former leader, led what was left of the Republic on a futile charge against me. Bunker Guy, he was determined to see me fall, so determined in fact that he wanted to keep the war going just so I could fall to his cause. UnknownProdigy, watch your back with that one. He made many alliances and each one he made would later be betrayed. The Lunars, Crystal, Diamond Dogs, Secrecy, and finally the Solars. When he backstabbed my faction, we unleashed a full frontal force on his idol, Discord. He almost faltered, but Unknown stood stalwart and stubborn. Many other participated and I see them trying to pick up the pieces as I walk through the battlefield.


I see Blue and Epic have found their dead leader. The once magnificent, beautiful princess of darkness, is now broken and covered in blood. Blue is crying over her dead body while Epic is just staring off into the horizon. Blue realizing this gets up and starts screaming at her ex-leader. “Why didn’t you keep fighting, carrying on her memory, why did you just give up,” she screams, “why?”


She doesn’t get an answer as Epic stays silent. Blue storms of in a fit of rage, not looking back at Epic. Bouschh sits next to the body of Princess Cadence sobbing at a lost cause. She lost a friend and ally in UnknownProdigy. He betrayed Boushh and the Crystals would later fall under a massive attack. Filly Please sits on a perch observing the battlefield, he was the man who led a massive force of unaligned soilders in an attack against random ponies. The CMC, Vinyl, Pinkie Pie, Octavia, all fell to his cause. I see UglyTurtle next to a limp, white and light blue body of a small filly. A tragic story, Snowdrop, Turtle tried and tried but couldn’t save her. I see Unknown now stalking the battlefield like a cougar waiting to pounce. He walks past Bouschh and Cadence’s remains, and looks at Boushh for a second and then looks away. How can he be so cruel, not even caring for his former friends. Until I look closer and see tears welling up. A emotion he has never shown sorrow, remorse, and guilt.


I look up at the sky and I see the smoke and ash pouring into the sky has lessened and I can see the sun. Like a light after darkness. I now realize I am the only princess now. I will have to raise the sun and the moon and maybe even the stars by myself. I also realize that four of the six bearers of the Elements are dead. How will we protect ourselves? So many questions to be answered, but first let us recap the long, tragic tale of this war. Sit down and I will tell you how this all began…  


I had to go through all the comments on the H/H blog, yes all 6,000+ of them. So I hope I can get all the events right in the chapters to come. 

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