This is in no way an actually tip blog, it's just me having a little fun and taking a break from fanfic writing. Chapter three is in the works and will probably be out on Friday at the latest. So here's a little humorous (that actaully may have some good tips in it) blog for you guys.

Tip #1

Writing is hard: To some writing look really easy. They think that they can just pull up Microsoft Word and they ideas will start coming and they won't barely have to think about it. Well I can tell you that no it is no easy. Be prepared to be starting at your screen for hours on end with your cursor blinking on the first blank line. Mocking you...laughing at you. That cursor enjoys watching you suffer and was created by the evil people that work on computers to mock people who are trying to write long fanfics with a very complex plot, with mulitple POVs, and a ton of different character arcs. (Hint, hint. Wink, wink).

Tip #2

Dealing with Writer's Block: This is the most frustrating thing ever. Not being able to think clearly about your writing is absolutely terrible. Once again we meet our main antagonist, the cursor. He enjoys watching you struggle to think. It makes him feel stronger than you seeing you try and fail to come up with new and orginal ideas. A good way to deal with Writer's Block is sleep. Sleep obviously fixes everything. Have a cold? Sleep. Got part of your body ripped of by an aligator? Sleep. You have insomnia? SLEEP!

Tip #3

Be Prepared to Drink a lot of Caffeine: Whether it's Mtn. Dew or coffee, caffeine is you best friend while writing. You will have many sleepless nights, slaving on your computer trying to get it..just...right. Fun fact: chapter two of The Nameless Dawn was finished at 3:30 AM. So if you can still think clearly while almost falling asleep, go ahead and write 24/7. All day, every day!

Tip #4

Be Prepared to Lose a lot of Sleep and Social Time: Sleep is important, mmk, but when Seaswirl keeps asking when the new chapter is going to be out (no offense) it get's a little more taxing. You have seen this kind of stuff happen. Only a few hours after a new chapter is posted on Fimfiction or any other fanfiction hosting site, you see people in the comments demanding the new chapter NOW! Also writing is not something you can take long breaks from. Be prepared to spend a majority of your free time writing if you are very dedicated to your story. (Which you SHOULD be!) Don't worry it will all be worth it later.

Tip #5

Make Sure you have no Canon Errors or Spelling Mistaks  Mistakes: Have you ever read a story or watched a movie and realized that one part of that story makes no sense with anything that has happened so far. Errors in the canon are very annoying as they throw the reader or viewer off. So make sure your stories are have correct spelling and grammar. People will lose a lot of respect for someone who cannot spell or punctuate anything correctly. Usually if you see these kind of errors in the story, you will probably leave within five minutes. I know I do. If I see something like that I avoid it like the plauge. They isn't a snowflakes chance in hell that I would read a terribly edited fanfiction. Not a chance... (insert more metaphors if you want)

Tip #6 and Most Important Tip

Have Fun and Take Critism in Stride: This applies to anything you will ever do in this community that contains creative content. Videos, Art, Fanfics, etc. are all hated on A LOT! If you have ever looked at any popular MLP related video, there is always that one guy in the comments hating on everyone. This person also persists and WILL NOT STOP HATING! Fanfictions and art can be equally hated by others, even other bronies (psst...I think they are jealous). The best thing to do? Ignore them, but you've already heard this all before. Also, remember that your fanfiction writing should always be a fun process, and you shouldn't get more than five headaches writing it. Unless it's really long, then you can have more. 


Well congradulations you made it to the end of this wonderful blog I have created. I hope you've all been patient in waiting for the new chapter. I'm sorry if it made no sense, but...

FANMADE Discord making sense

- UP, out.