What is This?

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This Blog's Idea/Question

So here's one that is pretty much all the way into headcanon territory. Anyway UP aks is back and today we will be discussing is magic. Unicorn magic seems like something that all unicorns have since you know, they are magically creatures. Often times in folklore unicorns could control elements and other things in nature. Still, it makes you wonder. How do unicorns conjure up this magic? Well, you amazing commenters may say, "Oh it's the magic or love or blah blah blah." Well I have plenty of friends and I can't shoot giant lazer beams out of my forehead because of it. Anyway I have no idea what causes magic in Equestria, but I want to hear what you think about it? Just tell me in the comment section below and have fun!

UP, out.

Fanfic Update

Right now I'm struggling to churn out the first chapter as I often have to go back and do a lot of fact checking, but it'll be done soon enough. Don't worry everybody, stay cool.