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Ok, so I decided that season 4 has been very unstable so far like really unstable. So far it's been rather hard to pin down in the good area or the bad area. It's just so bad at time but so good at times. For instance I loved the season 4 two-part premeire so I overhyped the other episodes, like a lot. So Castle-mania was decent for a new writer but it's no very memorable. Daring Don't was very meh so no comment. I only have one thing to say about it, Daring Do why you real!? Flight to the Finish was a Scoots episode so I REALLY overhyped this one and was completetly let down so that's why I had to watch it a second time to completely grasp it. It's pretty good actually, but Sleepless in Ponyville is better. Bats! was just mindless fun and there isn't and thing holding it together. Rarity Takes Manehattan was good for the only reason that Rarity is finally generous for once in an episode. Anyway that's what I think how about you guys. So far for me season 4 is love-hate for me. Still, type your response in the comments section below and as always thanks for your participation. 

-  UnknownProdigyjRXx5KS.png , out