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So I had a very lengthy arguement with Princess Littlepip about this, and I wanted to see if other people back me up so here we go. Princess Twilight Sparkle is not a Mary Sue, I'm going to get that out right now. It seems people don't get the Mary Sue definition. I will link a video (again by Tommy_Oliver) at the bottom of the blog, where he defines a Mary Sue. Anyway I can always compare Twi to another character I love, Firestar from the Warriors series. A lot of people say that Firestar is a Mary Sue since he can just solve every single conflict by talking. Though in the first arc he has many conflicts that are major roadblocks, both externally and internally. Much like Firestar, Twilight has to get over many roadblocks in her mind and on the outside. Twilight is still the same OCD neat freak nervous wreck she was back in Season 1, 2, and 3. She just has a better handle on it. That's not becoming a Mary Sue, that's character progression. Anyway what do you think, is she a Mary Sue or not. Tell me in the comments below and long, paragraph long comments are welcome.

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Understanding Mary Sue06:27

Understanding Mary Sue

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