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Ok so while surfing the Internet I came across a very interesting video by Tommy_Oliver and Anthony_C where they both have a battle over if Canterlot Wedding was a good two-parter. After basically ripping the episode to shreds BronyCurious supplies one of the most mind-blowing headcannons of all time. I'm not going to sugar coat it, you need to watch the entire video to totally grasp this concept. Anyway what do you think is Luna actually reformed? As, Curious points out the Elements of Harmony didn't reform her the first time so why does she appear to be reformed the second time. In my opnion this headcannon is entirely possible, but no way did the writers intend for people to draw this crazy conclusion. Anyway what do you guys think? Is luna good or is Luna still evil, and much like Lucifer biding her time, waiting to strike at the right time, pretending to be content in her current situation.

- Ninja Mercanary Swagilious MLG Pro Angelic Jolteon Pimp Sharp Shooter Random As Crap Unknown Prodigy, out.

My Little Critiques A Canterlot Wedding33:42

My Little Critiques A Canterlot Wedding

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