What is This?

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This Blog's Idea/Question

This question is probably the biggest question asked by anyone outside of the community and inside the community. Why are bronies, bronies? It will always be the age old question of this community. This question was inspired by a rather interesting PM I had with another rather smart user. We started talking about this. He said that the reason bronies are bronies is because they are pressured into watching the show. They get curious, it's not like they actually like the show that much. Though he had some good points I think I may have a better explanation.


Well the reason? It's a kid show right? Who first wrote it, Lauren Faust. She was a major contributor to great shows like Powerpuff Girls and Foster's. Another reason, back to the kid's show thing. With a franchise with a rather bad past, and the terror that was G3 and 3.5, many people thought this would be another cash-in by Hasbro. Most of you know the origin story of bronies, how they came into existence on 4chan's /c/ board and then invaded the /b/ board. So, after these people watched the show and their low expectations were met by the two parter premiere (which in my opinion was broken) They continued to watch the show. They told their friends, who also came into the show with low expectations, to watch it. So now you got a rather large fandom on your hands, caused by a article on the /c/ borad on 4chan. So what do you think? Are my thoughts correct? How about the other user? If you don't agree with either, tell me your own opinions on the subject. Thank you again

-UP, out