I am taking time out of finishing chapter two for The Nameless War to write this, I hated this week's episode that bad. Ok first the good things. Erm...Apple Bloom continues the streak of not trying to annoy me constantly, she was actually well written until the end but we'll get to that later. And umm..... that's it actually. I'm not even joking, this episode made my palm and face really good friends. Anyway things I hated. For one I'm going to get the obvious one out of the way, AJ was terribly written in this episode. About halfway through this episode I started making connections to another episode I rather hated, Rainbow Falls, but that episode is a different rant entirely. Still the connections were uncanny, the terribly written main character, weak overall narative, and forced key at the end. Speaking of keys, why was this a key episode? I didn't even think this was an AJ episode  it felt like a whole Apple family episode. Focusing on all of the family members, I thought that it would just have a nice moral and then we would get another AJ episode in a few weeks or something like that. Back to AJ, isn't her thing honesty. Not ONCE in this episode until the very end do we get an honest statement from AJ. If she is the element of honesty, wouldn't she NO MATTER WHAT, be honest and tell everyone that THE TONIC IS FAKE! It's like sweet Celestia you are the worst Mane 6 character ever AJ. This episode has so many others problems in it though.

Another thing is that these two problems kept reappearing over and over again. It was like the writer was slamming a hammer against my head trying to reinforce my burning hate for this episode. Another thing is that the Flim Flam Brothers were just as bad as ever. They were annoying, repetitive, and overall just as bad as they were in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. Though they weren't as bad as the other characters in this episode. In the second and third act of the episode, Apple Bloom just made me want to gouge my eyes out in frustration. She was persistent, annoying, and clueless, pretty much what makes Apple Bloom so annoying to me in most of the episodes she is featured in. Now the character of Silver Shill. He wasn't so bad but he seemed kind of awkward, but he was a pretty good character to be the key giver. Speaking of, the key. The key was a bit... really? Why couldn't you just use any old bit they all are the same size and shape. Why couldn't it be something else. It could literally be anything else, it could have been a apple of something at least related to anything. Now I have noticed a pattern with some of these key episodes. They are very weak overall to the rest of the episodes in other episode, and maybe even to other episodes in Season $ (That wasn't a typo ;) ). Anyway thanks for reading this if you decided to stay for a while and read this. I know this isn't a convetional ask blog for me, so it won't be called UP Asks, maybe UP rants or something. Anyway leave your opnions in the comment section be-low.

Oh right I need to give it a rating.... 0/10! USE FLAMES TO BURN!

UP, out 


Ok I've gotten the most negativity on any blog I've ever done. You can read my offical statement on why I was so mad at this episode down below.