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MWHAHAH It's October and Nightmare Night is coming up so I decided to make a string of 4 ask blogs in honor of Luna/Nightmare Moon. Anyway the same rules apply and if you want to know those check out my first bloghere

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So for our first Nightmare Moon/Luna blog I've got a pretty broad topic here, Nightmare Moon. If you didn't watch the first two episodes (like you SHOULD), Nightmare Night was the first major antagonist in G4. She was once the Sister of Celestia and to make long story short, she used to raise the moon tia raised the sun, blah, blah, blah, she got jealous and rebeled turning into the nightmare state, where she gets the name. Nightmare Moon wanted to have everlasting night and when she comes back 1000 years later she wants to try it again. Now we aren't going to talk about the pilot episode here since they are not the focus. The focus here is Nightmare Moon as a character. To me she's not that great. She could have been so much better if the writers have given a little bit more backstory to her. Also her plan fails pretty epicly and really she does nothing to stop Twilight Sparkle and loses pretty badly. Really they should have given her a little bit more personality. It seems they learned from their mistakes though since they have given (most) of the antagonists since a personality, the best example of this is Discord of course. Anyway, what do you think of the old Mare in the Moon. Was she flat, dynamic or just, meh. Fill up dat comment section below and happy Nightmare Month 

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