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MWHAHAH It's October and Nightmare Night is coming up so I decided to make a string of 4 ask blogs in honor of Luna/Nightmare Moon. Anyway the same rules apply and if you want to know those check out my first blog here

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Time for the second special October ask blog. Anyway today we will be discussing a fan favorite episode "Luna Eclipsed", I'm serious this episode brought back Princess Luna with a new design that everyone loved. I mean her new design was so badass compared to her old design. Anyway I'm startin to fanboy here, so let's get on with it. Luna may have gotten all her fans from this one episode, her only episode where she is the main focus in, true in Sleepless in Ponyville she had a big role but she that was a Scootaloo episode so that doesn't count. Still what about the episode itself. Well when I watched it the first time I was just loving it so much since Luna was back and I was freaking out through the entire episode. Still going back to the episode It's, hmm, O-k. I'm really not sure about this episode I really don't like the moral at all. Also Luna at the beginning is SO loud. Like in the pilot she looked so shy, and now she's like, "Feel the wrath of my CANTERLOT VOICE", Still everything else is pretty good. So what did you think was it amazing, good, meh, not good, or just terrible. Please leave your response in the comment be-low and have a great Nightmare Night.

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FANMADE Luna Eclipsed vector