What is This!?

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This Blogs Idea/Question

So let's take a break from the show and the faandom and talk about a very popular blog currently, The Candlekeeper's hurt/heal blog. Many people are participating in it and I think it's about time I adress it in blog format and see what you guys think about it. So What do I think? The blog is going stale, I mean the ponies on the list have health well into the forties which makes killing them ridiculously hard. Still it's a good idea and I love particpating in it. Anyway what do you guys think about this blog. Is it awful, meh, or fricking AWESOME!. Also one rule, CK may not particpate in this ask blog. (jk)

-UP aka The ninja Jolteon aka UPS aka Unknownstar aka The Prodigy, out