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This Blog's Idea/Question

OK so this time we are going to cover my favorite antagonist in the series, Discord. More specifically his appearance in Keep Calm and Flutter On. Most people were dissapointed at this Puppy dog that discord got turned onto at the end, and I agree. I'm with ANy on this one. He had been my favorite antagonist for the longest time and to see him turned into some sort of slave *shivers*. Still there are ways Hasbro and DHX can keep him good and have him still being himself. Maybe by him playing pranks on the ponies in Ponyville, but never making him evil. Anyway what do you think, was this a step back for Discord, or can they still make him good guy and keep his best traits, tell me in the comment section below

 UnknownProdigyjRXx5KS.png , aka the Prodigy, aka the Ninja Jolteon, aka Unknownstar, out

Discord bows to Princess Celestia S03E10