Lyra drinks a beverage while the duel goes on S3E05


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So I've hit a milestone, 2 months and 400 edits later here I am. So I thought I'll do a ask blog that I really have wanted to do for a while, thoughts on Canon shipping in MLP. Ok, if you want my opnion I'm with Any Pony on this one, as long as they do not focus too much on the relationship, canon shipping could go very well and work. Nevertheless, if they treat shipping like they did in EQG *shudder* this will turn into G 1.5 all over again. For example they could have done the Flashlight thing very well if they hadn't made it so cliched and a big part of the entire storyline. I mean a high school romance, come on DHX and Hasbro you're better than this. That's enough of me talking, what about you. Do you think that MLP shipping should become a thing, or should this idea never come up in staff meeting. Thank you for particpating

-UP aka the Jolteon aka Unknownstar, out