What is This?

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This Blog's Idea/Question

Ok so I've had to take a break from these blogs because a.) I was busy and b.) I couldn't think of something to write about. Anywho today we will be talking about the Brony fandom as a whole. Now what do I mean by this simple. We are part of the fandom (technically), BUT that doesn't mean we like to interact with it. Case and pointFilly Please he doesn't like the fandom and you can see his thought on his userpage. Anyway what do I think? Well this can be explained pretty easily for me. The fandom can be overdramtic at times and take things a little to seriously, I mean did you see what happened when Derpy got censored, that caused a massive uproar. Still, I love being involved in injokes and fanmade animations and music are always a blast to see. So to me I'm neutral on the subject. Now what about you? Do you love the fandom? Or do you hate the fandom? Or do you just want to stay neutral? Please tell me in the comments section below. Thanks for participating.

-UP aka The Prodigy aka The Ninja Jolteon aka Unknownstar, out