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Well it's about time we covered a more controversial topic, alicorn Twilight. Now I've kind of been holding my opnion to myself on these blogs, but this time I'll talk about my opnion. Twilight becoming an alicorn. When I first saw this episode and the transformation took place I was in awe. The visuals were amazing, the song was amazing (btw I actually love this episode, definitely on my top 15 episodes). Though I'm not sure about the whole alicorn-hood thing in the first place. I mean how do alicorns have more magic, the only thing that seperates them from regular unicorns is just a set of wings. But we've seen Luna and Celestia raise CELESTIAL bodies. Cadance defeated a villian that trumped Celestia (possibly also Luna if SHE WAS THERE). Twilight's new power hasn't been seen yet so I can't talk about her here. anyway to me Twilicorn is an interesting idea, but I'm not going to pass judgement until season 4 begins and I see where they go with this. Anyway what's your opnion, did you think the entire idea was a stupid, money-grab. Do you not really care as long as the show stays awesome. Or did you love the entire idea Twilight becoming an important political leader. Thank you for participating 

-UP aka The Jolteon, out