What is this?

I've decided to do something on this wiki besides hanging out in chat, so I decided to make this series of blogs. I will be churning these out every 3 days if my schedule allows it, and if I can't I will on some other day. If I can't do any in the next three days I'll do two in the next three days,etc. Anyway this is a blog to hear your thoughts about episode, characters, the show's future, and possibly some theories. So how you answer, simply write your thoughts and/or answer down in the comment section down below. Thank you for particpating in this experiment


This Blog's Idea/Question

Ok so I've been hearing some interesting stuff about this one. What are your thoughts on the S3 finale. Did you think it was awful, or was it So awesome you wanted to die at the end of it! *ahem*. Anyway if you liked/disliked it why? Was it because of Twilight's transformation? Was it the pacing? Was it the plot? Tell me your opinions down in the comment section,

UP, out