Begin Chapter 28

(Celestia's POV)

There was once some stoopid pone named Dumbface, er I mean Silverheart...He went getting LUDICRIOUS killstreaks during some war that no one cared about. Then he began to realize that he wasn't nearly as swagilcious as he once thought. This caused him to go on a journey of awesomeness. This journey involved more swag for some reason that will never be explained. He eventually found what he was looking for, the Master Sword. He took this sword and then a massive gas cloud descended on the forest. After that, everyone died. The only survivors were bronies that draw bad OCs, and they continued to draw bad OCs even after no one was left to see them and all their amazingness. And that's how Equestria was made. Now go to bed kiddies, Celestia's had a bit too much to drink...*Hic*.

(What's the fun in making sense, right?)

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I'm Sorry Crimson. I couldn't resist. Happy All Fools' Day everybody!