Unlimited Energy23

aka Jose

  • I live in Orlando
  • I was born on January 12
  • I am male
  • Unlimited Energy23

    Michelangelo:"Oooh.Can we get tattooes?I want one of my face on my face "

    Pinkie Pie(clone):"Bet you can't make the face crazier than....THIS "

    My reaction to Mikey's G1 face is LOL,but to Pinkie's G3 face....MY EYES!

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  • Unlimited Energy23

    What's your reaction in between Michelangelo[[1]]and Pinkie Pie?

    Michelangelo:I wanna tattoo of my face(G1 Mikey) on my face(Modern Mikey)."

    Pinkie Pie:"Bet you can't make the face(Modern Pinkie) crazier than....THIS(G3 Pinkie)."

    Which faces of these airheads is the best?

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  • Unlimited Energy23

    My little pony(2x)Aah-Aaahh-Ah---*crack-shattered*

    Energy:*rap*Yo,Imma let you finish,but---*Ding Dong* Spike:Who's that?

    Energy:Yo,it's Energy at the door. Don't you wait to open,lightning up--


    Energy:A human with the look.Where the evil hide the crook. Spike:In the shadows.

    Energy:Imma beat'em and shred'em out,


    Spike:No crime,monster,Danger or alien.

    Energy:Now,it's funny,awesome and THRILLIN'! It's rough against tough,but soft gotta sore.

    Spike:My friends would be jealous.

    Energy:That's how vigilance is for. Unlimited Ener--- Spike:---gy(2x)

    Energy:Unlimited Ener--- Spike:I said 'GY'!

    Energy:What he said.*crack-shattered,song ends*

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  • Unlimited Energy23
    • Ding,R&B playing*

    *Chorus*My little pony(3x).Ponies in the nutshell.Power team.

    *Duet Rapping*Here we go.Is the Mane 6 Pony team.On the scene,cool mares doing transformers things.So intense up humanity like empire street.Get shocked with rainboom party kings.Can't stop these radical mares.The elements of harmony made chosen fair.Emerge from the portal to make'em scare.Peaceful win and Conflicts lose.

    Twilight Sparkle,commander of power.But Applejack doesn't like the sour.Rarity is a lady of generousity.And Rainbow Dash is the most attitude of loyalty.And Pinkie Pie,she's one of a kind!But Fluttershy doesn't know that she lost her mind.Unlimited Energy gave the secret power they need to be the QuickMechTechMane6 team.

    *Chorus*My little pony(3x)…

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  • Unlimited Energy23

    What does Rigby and Fluttershy are both have in common?D-:}

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