My little pony:Teamwork is Power action-comedy,with all new MechTechMane6 figures,I'm in the team.

LYRICS:*chorus*You're my very best friend!*metal R&B playing*

*rapping*All suited to succeed,all mares they will see.I really wannna know what teamwork could be..Mag the weapons,pow the gears,I'm always in the team.

*chorus*You're my very best friend!

TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon Toys Mechtech Commercial (30)00:30

TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon Toys Mechtech Commercial (30)

I'm in the team

Get 20% cooler and I'll show you what teamwork should be.

*chorus*You're my very best friend!*song ends*


BloomBuster Dual-Chainsaw blasters

Leadhoof Laser Gattlin guns

Scootspin Plasma Claw Launchers

FeatherSpray Feather Blade Bowguns

Mane 6:

Optimus Sparkle Magic Rifles/HookBlades/Plasma HornSabers

DashAway Atomic Rainboom Missiles/

RareSwipe Gem Pistols/Magic Gem Shooter/Gem Blades

Bumbleshy Glimmer battle axes/Glimmer Cannons/Auto-mini guns

PinkieHide Lollipop maces/BonBon Grenades/Party Cannons

AppleJolt Grappling Claws/Heavy 6-shooters/Magnum rifles

Scout Recruits:

WheelMacintosh Fusion blasters

DareJumper Hammer Axe/Heavy speed range/Turret Hooves

DerpHammer Auto-cannons/boomerang blades

Zecotchet HealCannons/Chemical speed pistol/Ripsaw/Potion Grenades

Voyager Class:

Sentinel Armor Double-Blade/Multi-Cannon/Chrome-Shield

Coming soon............................