King Sombra appears S3E1
*Ding,R&B playing*

*Chorus*My little pony(3x).Ponies in the nutshell.Power team.

*Duet Rapping*Here we go.Is the Mane 6 Pony team.On the scene,cool mares doing transformers things.So intense up humanity like empire street.Get shocked with rainboom party kings.Can't stop these radical mares.The elements of harmony made chosen fair.Emerge from the portal to make'em scare.Peaceful win and Conflicts lose.

Twilight Sparkle,commander of power.But Applejack doesn't like the sour.Rarity is a lady of generousity.And Rainbow Dash is the most attitude of loyalty.And Pinkie Pie,she's one of a kind!But Fluttershy doesn't know that she lost her mind.Unlimited Energy gave the secret power they need to be the QuickMechTechMane6 team.

*Chorus*My little pony(3x).Ponies in the nutshell.Power team.

         ______________________________________________________________________________________________'*Rock music Playing*'*Chorus*My little pony:Teamwor is power.'*autotuned*Ponies coming out!'*Chorus*5,6,7,8'(ponies)Aliens planned destructions.(ponies)Never fail this now.(ponies)Transformers ACTION!(ponies)'Is the Mane 6 attack!'*autotuned*Ponies coming out!'(5)Twilight Sparkle is always in command.(6)Meet the comical,Pinkamena Pie.(7)The other 3 are the most attitude.(8)And Rainbow Dash is the 20% COOL!'(the mane six doing epic fight with Iron Weasel)'*autotuned Echoe*You're my very...(you're my very ...)You're my very best friend.'*chorus*My little pony:Teamwork is power.'*autotuned*Ponies coming out!'*chorus*5,6,7,8'(ponies)They blazed Ahead.(ponies)*monstrous*Watch out for DREADS!(ponies)They like no Problem.(ponies)The Mane 6 Are BACK!(5,6,7,8)'*chorus*5,6,7,8!My little pony:Teamwork is *echo*POWER!