I'm In the Band 2x12 Weasels on a Plane21:59

I'm In the Band 2x12 Weasels on a Plane

A Conflict between Friendship & Teamwork.

Guys,if this is our last time together,there's something I must confess.I haven't been faithful Iron Weasel.I have been seing another band in Canterlot.

Derek:Well,what do you do in another band,were you drumming or (gulp) singing?

Ash:Singing.(flashback)Hello,everypony,we're the Brony Weasels.My name's Ash,try to remember it.You'll be screaming for Rarity.I wanna clop stuff.I wanna clop that kuckoo stuff.I wanna clop stuff.I wanna clop,blam,boom,slap,kick.Clop stuff.Yeah,earn a stupid mark tonight,only 99 bits.(back to the show)

Derek:I can't even look at you. >:-( Ash: X-E]

Burger:I must confess too,Ash.our pet turtoise,Tank didn't run off.We lost him.

Ash: D-:}


Derek:Alright,Tank,go long.Burger is covering you,so we can get speed on our side.


Burger:Alright.I'm on a shell for this one,Tank.Those first we touchdown what gives.

Derek:Hop one,hop two--

(ice cream truck approached)


Burger:Hey,Tank,we bought ice cream.

Tripp:He's gone.He must have to runaway.

Burger: D-:

Derek:No.What are we gonna tell Ash?We lost that poor Tank.


Ash:Guys,guys,something terrible happens,Tank's gone.


Ash:This all my fault.I must have left the cage open.

Burger:Yeah,it is your fault.You know,if you couldn't take care of Tank,you really shouldn't have one.

Ash:This is the worst thing that ever happen.

Burger:We're here for you,Bro.

Ash:Well,maybe if I get an ice cream,I feel better.

Burger:Sorry,bro,I only have two.(back to the show)

Ash:I can't believe you did that!All this time I blame myself and you couldn't even gave me one ice cream. D-X

Tripp:Burger,we're the one that post the video of you to Equestria!

Burger: D-:} (flashback)Zing!Powerbolt!Zing!Powerbolt!Zing!Powerbolt!Yeah!,My lovely Cadence,I have slayed the evil changelings to save our home.What,you love me,you want to kiss me?Uh-oh,here comes the tears.(vacuum activated)Quit ruining the mood.(back to the show)

You're the one who sent that video to Equestria.Everypony know so I was so humiliated.Why don't you sent video of you live action role ponying to Equestria?

Tripp:That's because we don't live action role ponying. (-:/

Derek:We all betrayed you too,kid.You suppose to be on the front cover of Grand Galloping Gala with the Princess.

Tripp:What?It always be my dream to be on the front cover with the Princess.

Derek:I know but they called,they said that they wanted you,not the rest of us.So I set you one interested,if no one wants to be on that cover with the Princess,then nobody could.

Tripp:I can't believe you did that behind my back.I wouldn't have been with the Princess without you.

Derek:Exactly.No one is more important than the other band.(mags are loose)

Trip: /}-:{

Derek:Which is exactly why I set an exclusive interview. E(-:}

Tripp:Derek,I know you always care about yourself,but I didn't know you were a backstabber. ]-:(

Melee Kill


Tank S2E07 thumb

Fluttershy kidnapped Tank when Iron Weasel were distracted.

Fleur Dis Lee startled S2E09

Wait a second,I recognize that Cadence cry,isn't that Shining Armored-mop-kissing guy from Equestria? Burger:Yes. }-:(

Wave-Freedom Riders

We have to get off this plane right now.

Queen Chrysalis is Evil S2E26

<()> <3 D:}

Hasbro The Movie (Trailer Mash Up)02:08

Hasbro The Movie (Trailer Mash Up)


Tripp:Would you please,pass the eggs.

Derek:Is not a band business.

Tripp:Ok,if the rare singer of my band doesn't pass the eggs,I'm gonna cut his vocal cords.

Derek:Hold the plate.(spills the eggs on his head)

Ash:Hey,guys.What's the one thing we never done at home?CARRY ON DODGE BAGS!And it's not just for travel anymore.C'mon,it's fun look.Oh!Oh!Ow!I did not see that one coming.It's more fun that we do it together.Hey,bro,would you mind if I talk to you for a second?

Tripp:Yeah,sure.As long is a band business.

Ash:We're just talk about 4 ponies.Twilight,Pinkie,Rarity and Rainbow are on a train crash togethter.And they're not friends anymore.They even wanna play carry-on dodge bags---saddlebags.But Pinkie Pie was really bumped out.

Tripp:Well,Ash,this is how is happens.Friendship ends.

Ash:Yeah,but I--Pinkie Pie doesn't wanted to end.So,what should I--PINKIE PIE do?

Tripp:Well,maybe Pinkie Pie should find her new friends.

Ash:Hey.Um,you know I'm Pinkie Pie,right?


Ash:Then,you know they're---

Tripp:Me,Derek,Burger.Got it.

Ash:Got it.(phone rings,he picks up)Hello?

Vinyl:(in the phone)This is DJ-PON 3.If you stay the phone for 5 seconds,you'll win a billion bits.

Ash:Wow,Luna,that is great news.Thanks for calling.

Vinyl:5,4,3,2,WO----(Ash hangs up)

Ash:Guys,guess what?Canterlot concert has been rescheduled for tomorrow nightmare night.We leave in the morning on Luna's private plane.



Together:Oh,CLOP YOUR---Go our seperate ways and celebrate alone!



*jazz*I rather be a diamond on Rarity's butt.I rather find a steel for diamond-cut.I rather get hooved on you know what.Than be here with you.Hit it ponies!Get away from me,stay away from me.C'mon play with me.Just kidding.You got the style when you're in awhile,Pinkie loves that Kuckoo Smiiiiiiiiiilllle.Just kidding.We're Brony Weasel,we come here all week.
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