My little pony(2x)Aah-Aaahh-Ah---*crack-shattered*

Energy:*rap*Yo,Imma let you finish,but---*Ding Dong* Spike:Who's that?

Energy:Yo,it's Energy at the door. Don't you wait to open,lightning up--


Energy:A human with the look.Where the evil hide the crook. Spike:In the shadows.

Energy:Imma beat'em and shred'em out,


Spike:No crime,monster,Danger or alien.

Energy:Now,it's funny,awesome and THRILLIN'! It's rough against tough,but soft gotta sore.

Spike:My friends would be jealous.

Energy:That's how vigilance is for. Unlimited Ener--- Spike:---gy(2x)

Energy:Unlimited Ener--- Spike:I said 'GY'!

Energy:What he said.*crack-shattered,song ends*