• Velvet Remedy

    Hey y'all. Everypony else is doing it, and well, you guys need to get to know me better.

    Just one thing: No innapropriate questions (clearly).

    Have fun asking questions :D (Ignore the title)

    Best question so far: Velvet, are you velvety? -EHAN

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  • Velvet Remedy


    September 21, 2013 by Velvet Remedy

    YO what's up y'all. I am making this during the war we've started.

    So I decided let's make it a hurt/heal (I know already done multiple times but eh)

    Capped health is 50

    Starting is 20

    (wub2) army versus (fangirl) army. led by me.

    Feel free to make your own small groups of rebellion and stuff.

    You can only hurt and heal once a day, two hurts, two heals or a hurt and a heal. Your choice. Also if you want, two seperate hurts or seperate heals. Have fun emote warriors.

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  • Velvet Remedy


    September 15, 2013 by Velvet Remedy

    Helping Twilight Win The Crown. Time will tell what this means.

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  • Velvet Remedy

    Apologies to those who wanted to participate in Ponies and Dragons. I have decided on a great idea. This will all play out on my wiki.

    Character Sign Ups and what not. go here instead of my old blog.

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  • Velvet Remedy


    September 2, 2013 by Velvet Remedy

    Ok, I have an idea, no idea if this will work or not, but let's do a Dungeons and Dragons style game.

    This can also become a fan-fic I will publish, eventually. :P

    4-8 good characters to begin with, make a small story, they have to be MLP related, but they can be:

    Pony, Griffon, Dragon (spike age) etc.

    I suppose this shall be the auditions page, but the adventure will mostly be led by you guys.

    In the world of Equestria, peace was known for a thousand years. The Princesses Celestia and Luna ruled over the world peacefully. However, when technology advanced, so did the greed and need for land and supplies grew. A massive war eventually took place, and ponies, zebras and griffons fought each other. However, the Princesses tried to make peace and …

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