Hey y'all. Dont bother reading this if ya's don't wanna. I was just curious on whether you guys would like to read my Fanfic in progress. It's not much to go on with but I was wondering if you guys could give me your opinions. And I want truth, not just "Yeah, it'll be great". True, Honest, Comments..... please. I wont be offended, unless you go outta your way to offend me. Just drop a tip or 7 or 0 in if you's want.

ANYWHO'S: Let the Fanfic begin.

The Adventure of Sallantra Prologue:

Hello. My name is Sallantra and I am one of Daring Do’s students. A Pegasi, Two Unicorns, Two Earth Ponies and I are all competing to become Daring’s assistant. Only problem is that we aren’t being given a quiz. We are being plunged into a Dungeon that has been used for training many times before. The traps get reset every time it is cleared and there are many deadly traps that are what defines each pony a victor or not. The ponies who complete the whole trial move onto the next trial. But that has rarely needed to happen. Today is my first actual test in a full dungeon.

Chapter 1:

Preparations with Daring Do

“Welcome young adventurers to the Manehara Jungle.” We all look over at the Pegasus standing before us. Brownish-Yellow mane with a Grey Mane and Tail. The green jacket and the safari hat. Pink eyes. Unmistakable. It’s the one and only…

“Daring Do!” I exclaim loudly. Half of the other ponies just stare at me with a questioning look. “How can you ponies not know who Daring Do is?”

“We have lives you know. We don’t read books all day” Exclaims the male Earth Pony. He has a yellow coat with a Goldish mane and Tail. I see the Female Unicorn take a step back. She is really small compared to the rest of us ponies. She has a white coat with a purple mane and tail with a cyan stripe through the centre. I decide quickly that I should team up with her. She can’t be much younger than the rest of us.

So far this is it, but I have ideas that I am willing to scrap and stuff. (This is only Chapter 1 and a prologue) The action doesn't begin for a small while.

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