Whats up guys? Sorry I been slacking off, changing plans and all that stuff without tellin ya's so heres what Imma do. Im gonna put in some ground rules Imma run on. I have decided that if I do make a Fan-Fic it will be based on Final Fantasy (Starting from FFX). Every now and then I might get stuck and I'll ask for ideas on names and stuff but due to my lazyness starting tomorrow Im going to truthfully answer as many questions I get given, Ill maybe add characters based on you guys in, y'know stuff like that. Ill only accept questions handed in during the nest 12 hours starting at 10PM tonight. Ill post this at 10PM just to help sort out times and stuff. (I'm going to kill this internet soon). Well I had fun typing this (Till the internet died... AGAIN) and any questions I will answer truthfully.

Questions are to be marked with a Question: before you ask.

Eg/ Question: Is this a valid question?

I will answer in the reply section tomorrow by 10PM tomorrow night (If I dont forget).

Cyas in chat. *Hands anypony who actually read this a Cinnamon Bun, a muffin and a cupcake* Any allergic reactions, complaints, food sicknesses etc. are NOT to be sent to DeCobra.

DeCobra. (Might get a name change soon)